MCM Show Guide: If you like… Dungeons & Dragons

MCM Show Guide: If you like… Dungeons & Dragons

We have a packed agenda for Dungeons & Dragons fans, whether you’re an experienced player, masterful DM or new to the scene!

Meet the Dungeons & Dragons Legends

The cast of Critical Role are heading to MCM London Comic Con this October! 

Taliesin Jaffe, Liam O'Brien, Marisha Ray, Travis Willingham, Ashley Johnson, Sam Riegel, Laura Bailey, and Matthew Mercer join us 28-29 October for Photos and Autographs. 

You can also see them in their panel, included in Priority tickets:⁣

Sunday 11AM Main Stage

Can't make it? Don't worry. Our pals at Popverse are livestreaming this panel over at - and we're making this one free to watch! 

Oxventure Returns!

Roll for initiative and join Outside Xbox and Outside Xtra on an epic adventure as spin-off Dungeons & Dragons series Oxventure returns to MCM Comic Con! 

The ragtag team of brave-ish heroes (you know them as Corazon, Dob, Egbert, Merilwen and Prudence, joined by long-suffering Johnny Chiodini) will be embarking on their latest perilous quest on stage in a live D&D show.

Newbies can get a taste of the action before trying out for themselves, or seasoned pros can pick up tips to take back to their sessions and impress the party! 

Watch them play live at MCM, included in tickets:⁣

Sat 4:30PM Centre Stage⁣ 

Meet the Voices of Baldur’s Gate III

Gather your party and join us at MCM London with the cast of Baldur's Gate III! 

Your favourite companions, friends and villains are swapping the Forgotten Realms for ExCeL London, for meet and greets, and two panels!

You can also see them in two panels, included in tickets:⁣

Fri 1:30PM Centre Stage⁣

Sat 3:30PM Live Stage⁣

Amelia Tyler (Narrator), Neil Newbon (Astarion), Tim Downie (Gale), Jennifer English (Shadowheart), Devora Wilde (Lae'zel), Samantha Béart (Karlach), Theo Solomon (Wyll), Dave Jones (Halsin), Emma Gregory (Minthara) & Tracy Wiles (Jaheira)⁣

The Biggest Names in UK TTRPG

Dicebreaker have brought together the players and GMs you know and love from your favourite UK based RPG shows and they're ready to put on a brilliant show for you. 

Watch them play Dungeons & Dragons live at MCM, included in tickets:⁣

Fri 4PM Centre Stage⁣ 

Mark ‘Sherlock’ Hulmes (High Rollers), Johnny Chiodini (Oxventure), Liv Kennedy (Dicebreaker/3 Black Halflings), Jasper William Cartwright (3 Black Halflings), Jess Jewel (Questing Time) & Shamini Bundell (RPGeeks).

Try your hand

Never played before? Don’t worry! We have beginner level games all three days at MCM, with an experienced team on hand to help you get started.

If becoming a Bard, Paladin or something in between is your thing, join Dungeons & Dragons sessions all weekend in Side Quest! 🐉

Play smaller scale Wrath of Ashardalon, or go LARGE and play Life Sized D&D with our experienced folk, included in your ticket! ✨

Meet the D&D Community

As if all the above wasn’t enough, you can head to Side Quest, Artist Alley, Creator Pavilion and the retail floor for the brightest and best D&D community podcasts, artists, creators, figurine makers and more. 

Check out the main schedule for live-game play and insider pro-tips on everything from being the best Dungeon Master, to map-making and character creation. Highlights include sessions from Roll Britannia, Backwater Bastards and Dicebreaker.

Oh, and don’t forget to ‘don your character cosplay for the occasion. You never know, you might meet a new party of adventurers!

See everything happening at MCM

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