MCM Show Guide: Attending Panels

If you’re a fan of literally anything then there’s bound to be a panel for you.

The panels and screenings at MCM Comic Con bring together celebrities and experts to discuss various topics, get you involved, or give you a good laugh, and are at no additional cost!

From celebrity spotlights to live music, there are tons of engaging panels on the 8+ MCM stages across the whole 3-day weekend.

What are panels at MCM Comic Con?

They’re basically like podcasts, but in real life. 

A panel can be best described as a group discussion or conversation that takes place in front of an audience. It typically involves a moderator who guides the discussion and a group of panellists who are experts or individuals with relevant experiences on the topic at hand. 

Celebrity panels might include a Q&A with exclusives on their latest project, while community panels could be a deep-dive into the most controversial fan theories. On the other hand, some panels might have you learning something new, or simply put a smile on your face. 

Are panels at MCM Comic Con free?

Panels are FREE for all ticket holders, and can take various formats, such as roundtable discussions, presentations, Q&A sessions, interactive games, live performances, or even story time for the little ones!


  • Check the app in advance for a schedule of panels and set reminders
  • Arrive in plenty of time for your chosen panel. We’d recommend around 15 minutes, or half an hour for celebrity panels.
  • Download the map ahead of time so you know where each stage is


  • Expect entry to panels if they’re already full (pro-tip: if the panel is full, double check if it’s being streamed to another stage - this is often the case for very popular Celeb panels)

  • Take up seats if you don’t require them. Our panels are always popular so make sure you don’t take up extra seats so other fans can enjoy our panels too!

The MCM Stages

We have loads of stages at MCM, each of which has its own modus operandi…

Let’s take a deeper dive in what you can find on our largest stages. 

Main Stage

This stage is reserved for celebrity spotlight panels and cosplay extravaganzas. Here, fans have the opportunity to hear from their favourite actors, directors, or creators as they share behind-the-scenes stories, answer fan questions, and provide exclusive insights into their work.

Centre Stage

The go-to place for studios, exclusives, community celebrations and live game-play demonstrations, plus the After Hours party.

Live Stage

If you're looking for interactive and engaging content that stops you in your tracks, the Live Stage is the place to be. From interactive performances to audience games and challenges, this stage offers a lively and entertaining experience for attendees.

Creator Stage

This stage provides a platform for authors, streamers, publishers, game-changers, and ideators. Here, you can expect thought-provoking discussions, workshops, and presentations that inspire and spark creativity.

Artist Alley Stage

As the name suggests, the Artist Alley Stage is a space for our Artist guests to do live drawing sessions, teach technical tutorials and share industry tips and tricks.

Cosplay Central Stage

The place for cosplayers and costume enthusiasts of all abilities; the programme will feature everything from advice on taking part in competitions, getting started with wigs and cosplay photography, to costuming pro-tips and specialist skills.

Pop Asia Stage

The all-singing, all-dancing celebration of ESEA pop-culture; Pop Asia is a melting pot of talent. Watch martial arts demos, learn the steps to a K-pop classic or sing along to your favourite anime soundtrack!

Fringe Stage

Information coming soon

Panels bring celebrities, our fans, and industry professionals together, and are included in your ticket. No matter your fandom, there is a panel bound to excite, inspire and entertain you. Be sure to check out the diverse range of panels and screenings taking place on different stages – you never know what you might discover!

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