MCM Comic Con 101

Whether you’re a con veteran or it’s your first time at MCM, here’s everything you need to know for your first foray into geekdom! We will cover all of your common questions, handy reminders and a packing checklist you can screenshot when you’re packing for MCM Comic Con.

If it’s your first time joining the fun, we can’t wait for you to experience your first MCM Comic Con!

What is MCM Comic Con like?

Conventions are a rush on the senses, that’s for sure! Conventions are the best place to hang out with like-minded folk, and a home to be wholly you. You may be wondering what to expect when you get there. There will be some crowds, colourful cosplays and a huge array of things to see and do.

There is so much talent and creativity in one space, so there will be photos, elated moods and big names in the pop culture space. If you want to bring a camera with you, whether as a photographer or fan, feel free! Document your time with us! If you are bringing equipment, we ask that you avoid doing this inside as the show floor can get busy. 

MCM Comic Con is for everyone - like a big family - and lifelong friends have been formed at the show (even in queue lines)! Be open to chat with someone new!

What to wear to MCM Comic Con

If you’ve been to a convention before, you will know that they are alive with colour. If you’re new to the con scene, you are in for a treat! Naturally a lot of people will come in cosplay, but if it’s not your thing then comfy clothing is key. You could come in some nerdy tees, or low-key cosplay like adding a hat or accessory from a fandom you love.

  • Comfy shoes 
    • The ExCeL is a very big venue, and you’ll definitely be getting those steps in. Comfy shoes are a must! We’ve also heard that compression socks are amazing for conventions, just saying! 
  • Cosplay
    • Whether you’re a seasoned costume creator, or looking to ‘don your favourite character’s ensemble for the first time, MCM is the perfect place to do it! Where else will you see Spider-man sitting next to Eren Yeager on the Lizzy Line?!
  • Geeky gear 
    • If you’re not up for cosplaying, be sure to break out that nerdy merch. This is a sure-fire way to meet folk into the same fandoms as you!
  • Deodorant
    • Forgive us for stating the obvious here, but conventions can be a sweaty place! Have some consideration for your fellow fans; a little bit of deodorant can go a long way.

What should you bring?

  • Tickets
    • If you’ve already received your physical entry tickets for the weekend, don’t forget to bring them with you! And if you’ve opted to collect at the venue, bring a copy of your confirmation email containing your activation QR code (either printed or on your phone).
  • Refillable water bottle
    • Staying hydrated is key to enjoying the long days at MCM. The ExCeL will have plenty of water fountains where you can refill your water bottle for free throughout the day, just remember to bring a bottle!
  • Snacks
    • There will be plenty of catering outlets around the venue to grab lunch, but we’d advise bringing a snack or two to munch on in case you get peckish.
  • Battery pack
    • You wouldn’t want to run into your favourite celebrity or cosplayer and miss the chance to snap a photo, would you?! Bring a mobile power bank and make sure your devices are charged up for the duration.
  • Items that help ground you!
    • If you suffer from sensory issues, remember to pack items that help keep you calm. Our fans say that bringing headphones and soft plushies to hold really helps them, but don’t forget that we have spaces you can go to take a break if you need one.

Screenshot this list and tick off as you go when it comes to packing time!


  • Download the MCM app ahead of time - make a plan of what you want to do, and study the show floor. You can also use the app to set yourself reminders for the panels, workshops or fan meets you want to go to! 

  • Make the most of queuing time - Take turns in the queue with your friends, and use the time to grab some food, pop to the bathroom or pick up that bit of merch you’ve been eyeing up!

  • Going it alone? - Join the ReedPop Discord and chat with fellow MCM fans in the #MCM channel. You could meet your new con-buddy, fellow fandom lovers or just get advice from fellow con-goers. 

  • Make the most of seating areas - We have added a bunch of designated seating areas, so make the most of it! Please avoid sitting in front of doorways/aisles.  

  • Ask permission before taking pics - The level of cosplay talent at MCM is insane, but please remember to respect personal boundaries. Most cosplayers are more than happy to strike a pose with you, but remember to ask them first! 

Let’s not forget the biggest pro-tip of all…enjoy yourself

Oh, and remember - if you have any questions you can’t find the answer to on our website, please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Service team, or ask a member of staff on the day.

Con 101 FAQs 

If you’re travelling to the show you might have big bags you need to bring with you. We don’t have baggage size limits, but they can be cumbersome!

  • Are there lockers or cloakrooms? There will be a dedicated MCM cloakroom you can use, or the ExCeL have one downstairs in the main boulevard, where you can store your bags and coats.
  • Do you have to pay for the cloakroom? Both cloakrooms will have a small payment on the day, but they can get busy so if you are staying in a hotel and can leave some bits in your room, we would definitely recommend it!

Yes! We would recommend bringing snacks with you at the very least, but you can bring more if you want to. There will always be food places at the show you can get food from too.

We know that you can burn through a LOT of energy at conventions, both through major excitement and walking, so food and rest breaks are pretty essential. We have added a bunch of seating you can use at the show, and there will be food and drink vendors you can buy from. There are also food and drink places on the main boulevard at the ExCeL, London.

Bringing food and drink (apart from alcohol) with you is also permitted. If you have any food and drink questions or sensory needs, please reach out and we will do our best to help.

The Cosplay Central team have got you! If your cosplay or prop breaks before or at the show, head over to the Cosplay Hospital in Cosplay Central where there will be volunteers on hand to help you get your cosplay back in shape. 

We print physical show guides you can pick up at the show! However, the best way to see what’s on at the show is to download the MCM App. The app is updated close to the show with the full show schedule, exhibitor and guest details, show maps and more. Make sure to open it up before you get on site at MCM to have the latest version.

If you want to bring one that works with your vibe or cosplay, feel free to do so! However there will be free lanyards you can grab on your way into the show.

There are definitely a lot of places you can use card payments, but it is generally up to our exhibitors and artists how they take payments, so we would recommend bringing some cash just in case. At the table purchases for guests autographs can also sometimes be cash only.

Yes! We have an incredible bunch of stewards that join us at our shows. Read more about the steward programme

We will announce on our socials close to show time where you can get your items from, but generally it will be near the MCM Official Merch store. 

There are parking spaces underneath the ExCeL you can use, but it might be worth pre-booking your space ahead of the show. Visit the ExCeL parking help page for more information.

If you're newer to the convention scene, you may not know what cosplay is. In short, it's kind of like fancy dress, but levelled up. Our fans put a lot of love and effort into their costumes and cosplays, and it gives them an opportunity to play the character they're cosplaying!

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