MCM Show Guide: If you’re cosplaying…

MCM Show Guide: If you’re cosplaying…

Whether you’re a cosplay veteran, dress-up newbie, or just need a refresher on the best way to manage a convention in your costumed splendour (hey, it’s been a while for some of us!), here’s a check-list of do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when preparing for your time at MCM.


  • Try it out before the show
    Try it on and walk around at home a little so you can be sure it’s comfortable and make tweaks if there’s anything wrong with the fit. Can you sit down, walk easily, and (most importantly!) can you remove it easily to go to the bathroom?
  • Be cosplay conscious
    Cultural appropriation and/or changing your natural skin tone to that of another realistic race is not cosplay. It’s also important to keep in mind that MCM is a family event, so please make sure your costume is suitable for all age groups. No accidental exposure or costumes of an inflammatory/offensive nature please!
  • Stay cool and comfy
    It can get hot and tiring walking around a convention all day! Wear comfy shoes, stay fed and hydrated, and bring some spare clothes to change into just in case it gets a little too awkward - you can always just leave them in the cloakroom.


  • Stress about it
    It’s all meant to be fun! Don’t lose sleep over finishing your costume in time for the con; those tiny little finishing touches won’t make a memory, but enjoying the show definitely will.
  • Forget to read the rules
    Our Costume, Weapons and Prop Rules are there to keep everyone safe - be sure to give them a read to make sure your cosplay complies. There would be nothing worse than pain-stakingly creating a bespoke weapon or prop only to realise it won’t be allowed in the building!

Remember the Cosplay Central team are here to help!

Cosplay Central will be your go-to for cosplay needs during your time at the show and the place to head to for information on all costume showcases and competitions across MCM weekend. 

Need a place to change or make some adjustments? Utilise one of our changing areas. Got an emergency costume crisis? Speak to the Cosplay Hospital team who’ll be on hand to glue-gun, sew or tape your ‘fit back together; all free of charge!

Not sure where to start?

The most important thing to keep in mind is that cosplay is for EVERYONE. ‘Accuracy’ is only relevant for cosplay competitions…and even then it’s about craftsmanship of the costume itself, not the physical traits of the cosplayer wearing it. You can cosplay ANY character you love!

Once you know who you’d like to cosplay, look up some pictures of the character and make a list of the different pieces, top to bottom, so you can gather or make all the pieces e.g. wig, dress, shoes, accessories. Not confident about making it from scratch? You can buy whole costumes, get bits from ready made clothes, or even make custom pieces by altering existing clothing; the possibilities are truly endless.

Learn something new!

Be sure to check out the Cosplay Central stage schedule for a plethora of creative costuming sessions, prop building inspiration, dedicated workshops and much more running throughout the weekend. 

See you at the show!

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