MCM Show Guide: Narrowing down Cosplans

Struggling to narrow down your cosplans for MCM Comic Con? We hear you. These are the top tips to help you decide from the MCM Cosplay Team.

What do you love?

There are no hard and fast rules for choosing your cosplay, so think about the fandoms you love! Cosplay is a great way of finding your fellow fans in the crowd and making new friends! You can even create your own original characters inspired by your fandom if you want to get creative.

Who do you want to be?

Why do the villans always have great wardrobes? Think about the character you are going to 'become', you are going to be seen by a wide range of people at a family friendly event - when it's based on a real bad guy you might cause offence, and some costumes are just best saved for adult only spaces. 

Also remember that some culture’s traditional dress and people’s real life skin colour and features are not a costume – you can cosplay any character you love, but be respectful of other humans if your characters features don't match your own or their clothes have special significance.

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Things to consider

  • Does it have to be perfect? Cosplay can be as complicated or simple as you want it to be - If you don't have the skill set, time and/or budget to make or buy the cosplay of your dreams start small and work up to that dream costume. 

  • Is it within your means? If you are just starting out, think about the scale of the project, huge competition costumes are inspiring but those competitors you see started small and learnt along the way - it can be really disappointing when plans fail, so set yourself up for success.

  • What do you need to get started? Think about all the parts you'll need, time block tasks, research deals and set yourself a budget! If you have a limited budget, are tight on time or you don't have all the skills yet, think about modifying existing pieces of clothing (charity shops are great for this) or recycling every day materials, get creative to bring your character to life! 

  • Comfort over accuracy! Consider if the costume is really suitable for the weather and don't be afraid to make changes to suit your needs! Pick out the key things that identify your character but tailor it to you. It’s still going to be an awesome cosplay!

And most importantly…

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself! There is always another opportunity to cosplay!

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