MCM Show Guide: If you like…Comics!

MCM Show Guide: If you like…Comics!

Comic books are a great way to escape reality and enter a whole new world. At MCM London Comic Con, you can do just that! 

You'll also find exciting panels that feature some of your favourite artists and writers discussing their work at the show.

Artist Alley

The Artist Alley at MCM Comic Con is your opportunity to meet, chat with, and purchase art from independent artists and creators. You'll find prints, sketches, original artwork, comics, and more. You can even get some artwork commissioned! 

The Artist Alley is a great place to discover new talent, as well as support existing creators who are just starting out!

You can view the full lineup of artists and guests here!

Hear from the Pros

Whether you’re wondering how to get your comics graded, wanting to draw your very own comic, or curious about the history of different fandoms, MCM London has it all. Stop by the Artist Alley Stage, supported by Clip Studio Paint, to hear from the comic and graphic novel pros in panels, interactive sessions and workshops.

Can I buy comics?

Many of the independent comic artists that join us at MCM Comic Con will have their comics on sale to buy. Some of them will even sign them for you!

If you’re looking for graphic novels, our official bookseller Forbidden Planet will have loads you can buy at the show too, from Marvel to DC and more.


MCM London is always alive with cosplay - and many of our fans will come to the show in cosplay from superhero Superman to criminal Catwoman. Whether you’re more into comics or books, there will be so many people who love the fandoms you do!

Helpful FAQS

Artist Alley applications open around 6 months before our shows, and are curated by our team. Successful applicants will be contacted, with other artists going onto a waitlist. Information about deadlines and the application can be found here.

No! Panels are included with your ticket.

Artists who have tables in the Artist Alley can sign their work if they choose to do so. They are allowed to charge for signatures if they wish.

The majority of artists and Exhibitors at the show will take card payments. It is best to ask them beforehand before making any purchases or commission requests.

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