Photo Ops and Autographs

Photo Ops and Autographs

MCM guests will be available for photo ops and autographs through our partners at Epic. You can either purchase these from Epic’s booth at the show, or to avoid queues and secure your slot before they sell out, you may also book in advance for select guests.

Stand side by side with your favourite MCM guest and make a memory that will last a lifetime! Click on the guest of your choice below to purchase a photo op or an autograph (and even selfies!).

Please note: Prices, times and guests are subject to change and may include additional fees. Pre-purchased photo ops and autographing tickets do not grant holder front of the line access, so be sure to be at the autographing table/Photo Op area at the scheduled start times of each session. Schedules will be available on the website and MCM Comic Con App, and are subject to change.

You MUST have a valid MCM badge on the day(s) of the Autograph and/or Photo Ops you’re interested in before purchasing your Autographs and/or Photo Ops.

Photo Op Info

For your comfort we have implemented a "group" system much like the zone system used in airports. Select Photo Ops are subdivided into 10 minute sessions per group - ex. Group 1 starts at 5:00 PM, Group 2 at 5:10 PM, Group 3 at 5:20 PM, etc. This allows you to only arrive a few minutes before your group start time rather than wait an hour or more.

We encourage you to pre-purchase Photo Ops and Autographs as sessions can sell out quickly and ATM lines can be long at the show.

You are welcome to have up to 4 individuals & any children under 3 per Photo Op ticket (not counting the celebrities).

Change day of photo op: using the email address you used to purchase photo op or autograph tickets with, create an account here and after logging in, you can make changes to existing tickets such as change the day or group as long as sessions are not sold out.

Presale Autograph Info

This year at MCM, we’re giving you the opportunity to pre-purchase autographs for a select number of our guests before the show starts! Buy yours today and then bring your printed ticket to the MCM Autographing Areas on the Main Show Floor on the day you purchased the autograph for. Not all guests will be available for pre-purchase. The full autographing schedule will be available soon when programming goes live.

Unless otherwise specified, guests will NOT be appearing in costume.

Photo Op FAQs

Photo Ops are a very quick process to provide you with a high quality, professional photo of you and your fave celebrity. These are NOT meet and greets. You can't ask for an autograph or hug and will not be able to give the guest a present (that's what Autograph signings are for). You will be brought into the photo booth, given the prompt "Ready?" by the photographer, and the photographer will snap the photo. You will need to exit the booth immediately following your photo. The whole process will take a few seconds. Photo Op times are limited so this ensures that every fan in line will be able to get their photo.

No. Photo ops are now sold per session as opposed to per guest. For example, you can opt to purchase a Mr. X photo op for his Friday session, his Saturday session or his Sunday session. There will be a limited amount of photo ops per session. Once a session sells out, you can purchase photo ops for the next available session, and once they all sell out, no more will be available. Lining up more than 15 minutes prior to your photo op will result in security asking you to leave the area until it is time for your photo op. We ask that you arrive between 5 and 15 minutes prior to your photo op. Once the line moves, it moves very quickly and often those that arrive closest to the session time wait the least amount of time.

Yes, an admission ticket is a prerequisite to getting a photo op. Please ensure you purchase an admissions ticket prior to purchasing any photo ops. If you purchase a photo op without purchasing admission, in the case that the event is sold out, we will not be offering refunds for missed photo ops.

The best way to avoid missing out is to purchase your photo ops online prior to the show. If you wait to purchase your photo op onsite, then you run the risk of it being sold out.

If you are late arriving and the Guest has already departed, you will have forfeited your photo op and will not receive a refund.  If you miss your photo op, you will also not receive a refund.

If you no longer wish to obtain a photo with a Guest, you can exchange your ticket for another guest, providing the photo session has not already started. Photo op refunds will be available up to 7 days prior to the start of the event.

Photo ops are sold per session to ensure that we always know exactly how many Fans are coming per photo op. Consequently, you may only use your photo op for the session that it was purchased. If you purchased an Autograph or Photo Op session and decide you would like to redeem it at a different time or on a different day, using the email address you used to purchase photo op or autograph tickets with create an account here and after logging in, you can make changes to existing tickets such as change the day or group as long as sessions are not sold out.

Absolutely.  You may purchase additional print copies and/or JPEGs when you by online or onsite.

Please email [email protected] with the name of the event and the number on your receipt and someone will confirm your email address with you.

Autographs are strictly prohibited in the photo op area, but can be purchased in the MCM Autographing Area.

Please do not bring gifts for the Guests during their photo ops.  This creates delays while they hand off the gifts to someone else. As a general rule of thumb, it is recommended that Fans do not present Guests with gifts as they often do not have space to fit the gifts into their luggage or they can’t bring the gifts home with them. Gifts of food and/or beverage are strictly prohibited.

Personal cameras are strictly prohibited in the photo op area.

It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to look how they want to look for their photo. The Guests cannot return to the photo op area for retakes, so before you arrive for your photo op, please make sure that you appear how you would like to present yourself for your photo. The photographer will try to catch things like closed eyes before you leave the photo op area.

The price of a photo is the price per posed picture, not per person. The number of Fans that can be in a posed picture is four. Beyond four Fans, a second photo op must be purchased. Children 5 and under do not count towards the four Fan limit.

If you lose your ticket and/or don’t bring your online purchase ticket, visit customer support on site to have a new ticket printed.

Photos are available for pick up within minutes of your photo being taken.

JPEG’s are emailed out as soon as you pick up and scan out your photo from the photo ops area.


Our celebrity guests, including SAG-AFTRA (The Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists Union) members, will still be appearing at MCM Comic Con. If the strike is not resolved by the time our event takes place in October, what will be affected is what they’re able to discuss during our panels, as SAG-AFTRA restricts their members from participating in the promotion of struck work.

While guests may not be able to talk about past, current or upcoming projects from struck properties and studios, they’ll be able to discuss their backgrounds in film and TV, their personal hobbies, and their work outside of their film/TV careers. Actors will also be allowed to appear together for Photo Ops and on panels as a cast. At the panel, they will be able to discuss their experiences filming with each other without discussing specific episodes or scenes. Our moderators will also be declining any fan questions during fan Q&As that ask the actors about specific struck work or companies. It just means we’ll have to get a little creative in the questions that are asked during the panel 😉

Yes! Our celebrity guests will still be participating in Photo Ops and Autographing. There will be no changes to Photo Ops; those will take place as normal. There is an Autographing guideline, though. Any of our celebrity guests who appear in struck properties will only have their own personal headshots at their table. They won’t be providing headshots that depict them as a character from their struck work. However, if you’d like them to sign a photo or item from a struck property that you bring with you from home or buy at MCM Comic Con, they are allowed to sign that item. 

Click here to see our full list of guests announced so far.

While the strikes are only between members of SAG-AFTRA and the studios, SAG has asked members of the British Actors Equity Association to stand in solidarity with their cause. Additionally, many UK based talent are also members of SAG and this will still affect them.