MCM Frigne

MCM Fringe

Live Music, Comedy, Dance and more!

Think almost-summer festival vibes with a sprinkle of all things nerdy; that’s what you’ll get at MCM’s outdoor Fringe stage. 

Hosting the best live music, performing arts, comedy, and more, the Fringe will be a celebration of everything awesome about the MCM community.

You’ll find the MCM Fringe located at the ExCeL’s West Entrance, adjacent to the Sunborn Yacht Hotel.

Check the main Panels and Screenings schedule for a full run-down of what’s on!

Lip-Sync for the MCM Crown

Could you be the MCM Lip-Sync champion?! 

If you think you can give Tom Holland a run for his money in that rendition of Umbrella, submit your details below to take part in a lip-sync battle like no other. The event will take place on the afternoon of Friday 27th May and competitors will have a chance to win a pair of weekend tickets to the next MCM London event.

Who will be on the MCM Fringe Stage?

Old Time Sailors

Watch Old Time Sailors for an unforgettable trip to the 19th century. 

Their crew is composed of 17 musicians playing fully unplugged to ensure the most authentic experience, where the audience will sing and dance surrounded by drunken Sailors, witnessing an astounding show unmatched in this music genre.

Catch them on the MCM Fringe on Saturday 28th.

Tia Kofi

Tia is a talented singer, performer and presenter who found a new audience of adoring fans appearing on the BBC’s RuPaul’s Drag Race UK. One of the major breakout stars of the season, Tia was a firm fan favourite from the start.

2021 saw Tia release four acclaimed singles and an EP, which hit No1 on the iTunes pop chart, star in London’s West End, present digital content for the BBC’s Eurovision Song Contest, and perform at major music events including Manchester Pride main stage, Bristol Pride, Holy T in the Park and Glitterbomb in the Park.

That’s not to mention starring in the new series of Celebrity Ex In The City for MTV, Celebrity Catchpoint on BBC One or performing live on BBC One’s Children In Need alongside the cast of Nine to Five The Musical.

Hear Tia speak on drag, cosplay and the wonderful world of Tia Kofi on the Cosplay Central stage, then on Friday’s MCM Fringe where she’ll be helping to judge our exciting Lip Sync Battle!


SYNTHONIE is a sci-fi & gaming music duo from Bonn, Germany, formed as an orchestra in 2014 and re-formed as a duo in 2018. 

Chris started to develop his own AI, which he named “Syndarella”. And so a distant relative of Hatsune Miku was born, a virtual band member who composes, sings and performs on stage with him. 

Chris’ compositions are inspired by Hans Zimmer, Marcin Przybyłowicz, Nobuo Uematsu, Vangelis, Keiichi Okabe, Nero, Rammstein, Dance with the Dead, Daft Punk and many others. 

Chris, his self-made instrument that he calls a  “Musitar” and his artificial intelligence Syndarella, will you on a journey into Sci-Fi & Gaming worlds!

Press X

Press X are a London rock band that write songs based on popular video games. 

Their music spans several genres, blending an eclectic mix of citypop, hard rock, and 8-bit chiptunes. They also cover popular songs from anime and video games.

Catch them on the MCM Fringe!


Get your light sticks ready, LELE is on the way! 

Hailing from Australia, LELE debuted in Tokyo as an official artist for Japan Music Week. Her unique blend of Japanese influenced electronic pop is featured on Yokoso Anime and has been received by fans worldwide as a SMASH hit success, with spectacular live performances across Australia, Japan and the UK. 

With vibrant Harajuku inspired costumes, prizes and catchy songs - LELE is a colourful personality that is NOT to be missed!

Counts to Nine Productions

Whitney, Kimberley and Reesa specialise in historical dance choreography, covering everything from everything from the Mediaeval period into Regency (1100 CE to 1820 CE).

Over the weekend, they’ll be teaching dances from your favourite fandoms including faerie folklore, Outlander and Star Wars.

See them at the MCM Fringe to join in!

Princess Alice Manor

Princess Alice Manor Returns to MCM! 

Inspired by acts such as Enter Shikari, Bring Me The Horizon, Crossfaith and many more, Alice will bring her own take of Electronic Metal with Dark Kawaii, Otaku Aesthetics for a unique experience. 

Alice will also be playing tracks from her upcoming EP iDolKillerZ (Available 17th June) for the first time so make sure to come by for an early peak!

Death Ingloria

Death Ingloria are a 3 piece rock band with an accompanying animated story. 

Death Ingloria explores Humanity’s depths, its heights, and it's inevitable conclusions through rock music, comic art and animation.

Their latest creation follows the demise of Humanity through the eyes of one lonely and disconnected young office worker as he accidentally destroys the world via a series of minor admin errors.

Tidal Rave

Tidal Rave are a unique blend of catchy feel-good Synth-Rock and Electro-Pop. They always guarantee a visually vibrant, highly energetic and entertaining fourth-wall-breaking performance like no other! 

With an interactive and eccentric stage show including conga lines and  synchronised dance moves. 

Join them on their crazy Earth journey and feel alive as they encourage audiences and listeners to overcome their anxieties and inhibitions by shamelessly releasing their inner weirdo to addictive anthems

Sparkle with Lucy

Lucy is a British belly dance performer, cosplayer and teacher of The Oriental Dance Academy, Dubai. Lucy adds sparkle to characters such as Princess Jasmine, Ariel and Elsa by bringing them to life through belly dance! She loves to perform at all kinds of events to add some excitement! Lucy's passion is to spark joy with belly dance which also boosts fitness and confidence among its physical and spiritual benefits. Shimmies relieve stress and release happiness, so join her to shake it up!

The Nightmare Arcade

The Nightmare Arcade’s set list includes original and well known cover songs. 

They often perform in cosplay as an original character called Johnny Reaper with elements of the paranormal thrown in..because during their's ALWAYS Halloween! 

The audience will enjoy the phantasmal theme of The Nightmare Arcade!

Kenza Blanka

After taking hit reality TV show The Voice UK by storm, British Moroccan unique baby voice singer and musician Kenza Blanka continues to dominate in the limelight, currently working on a new album titled ‘I am what I am’ which focuses on positivity around mental health, self-love, self-expression, identity, and race, all whilst incorporating Arabic, French, and English languages and unique influences from Arabic/African sounds.

Blanka is now using her extraordinary talents to bring awareness to mental health and wellbeing and is very much into expressing self through colour, clothing and dressing up. Kenza created the character Kenza Blanka as a superwoman version of herself to oppress the earlier bullies and haters in her life and allow herself to be a bold independent super hero singer. 

Niamh Sygrove

Niamh Sygrove, also known as IronicSiggy, is a 23 year old LGBT music producer and singer. They are completely self taught after being inspired by Grimes’ home DIY producing ethic.

Niamh is a specialist in electronic musical stylings, alongside remixes, and film, TV and video game compositions.

Their most popular remix for Blacklight came out March 1st, 2019 and was featured on a special edition version of The Ting Tings’ album “The Black Light”. 

Sygrove was also previously mentored by electronic/r&b duo Marian Hill, with occasional help from Grimes and Lynn Gunn of PVRIS.

Niamh Sygrove is currently in the process of creating two brand new concept albums: one based off Deck Nine’s video game series: Life Is Strange. The second based off the hit Netflix show “Arcane Legends” - which they will be performing several songs from on the MCM Fringe stage. 


Est. 2019. In just a short spell, genre-bending UK greebos Crostpaths have captured the attention of a swarming underground scene, while simultaneously scoring airplay from mainstream radio stations including Kerrang! & BBC Kent as well as featuring on KMTV. The crossover crew's collaborations with contemporaries such as Adam Ramey (Dropout Kings), Jot Maxi (Hacktivist) & Kid Bookie have contributed to a continuous rise in popularity. Crostpaths are set to support US "Lovecore" cult heroes Boy Hits Car on various dates of their upcoming UK Tour in the summer of 2022.


Charley Thompson is a 21 year old singer with a versatile set of vocals ranging from musical theatre, pop and alternative genres. With experience singing on the circuit in her local area, Charley has performed at carehomes, social clubs, children's birthday parties, community festivals and Christmas Lights events since 2019.

Debuting her young Vi cosplay for the Sunday on the MCM fringe, you can expect a range of covers from powerful ballads to music you cannot help but dance to. 

Suzie Geeforce

Suzie Geeforce is an AngloBurmese Music Producer and Poet creating music for our futures!

She creates music that speaks to a sense of hope for the future through technology, empowerment and love.

She has performed in London, Birmingham, Brighton, Sheffield, Los Angeles and Yangon as well as in Animal Crossing: New Horizons! 

Latest singles include Parasocial Butterfly (2020) and Shuffle (2022). Her sound is mainly inspired by Kawaii Future Bass, Lo-Fi, Videogame OSTs, Alt Rock and Classic UK Garage!