Pop Asia

OKAERI FELLOW OTAKUS!! You’ve finally made it to your sanctuary. If you ever wanted to dance like BLACKPINK, become a Pokémon gym leader for a weekend or just gush over your new found manga obsession - Pop Asia is your home! With interactive experiences, gaming, strong focus on local cultural groups and anime/manga retailers - this is your own little anime convention within MCM! 


Check out some highlights happening in Pop Asia all weekend long!

Anime Freshmen Podcast Live! Feat. Anime Mega Quiz

The Anime Freshmen are a group of friends who love to sit and chat about the most random Anime topics imaginable - on a podcast! They use their platform to provide a refreshing off-the-cuff approach to engage both people who are new to the genre, as well as long-term Anime fans. Join them in the Pop Asia performance space for an exclusive LIVE podcast episode, and test your knowledge in their Anime mega-quiz to win prizes! Keep It Fresh!

Shang Chi And The Legend Of The 10 Rings Martial Arts Presentation

Shang Chi And The Legend Of The 10 Rings Martial Arts Presentation
Join the Wutian Martial Arts Institute alongside Sifu Leo Au Yeung in this presentation of Marvel's "10 Rings" routine, followed by a demonstration and chance to try it yourself.

Origami Folding Magic with London Origami Society

Learn the time honored and classic tradition of Japanese paper folding with the help of the British Origami Society!

K-pop Random Dance Play hosted by Nieca and Mika from AZIZA

Head to the Pop Asia space to jump in on our Random Dance game; a mix of choruses from K-pop songs are stitched together and played to the audience. Everyone stands clear of the centre and runs to the middle if they know the dance to perform.

Learn The Basics Of Kendama - The Ultimate Japanese Skill Toy! With Kendama London

Join Kendama London for a basic introduction to the addictively challenging game of Kendama - and the chance to try it for yourself!



SEGNO is a London based performance team with a deep passion for dance, music and growth. Each member brings their own diverse character to the family and strives to keep growing and improving as individuals and together while also having fun! The goal for SEGNO is to provide incredible performances for audiences to enjoy regardless of age, gender and background and to keep moving forward side by side. We hope you enjoy our performance at the PopAsia Stage! Thank you for your support! Find us on Instagram, TikTok and Twitter.


안녕하세요 우리는 UJJN (유진) 입니다! We are a kpop dance cover group based in London. We have been performing at PopAsia stage for Comic Con for almost 5 years, covering dances from kpop groups like BlackPink, TXT, Itzy and more! Check out our Youtube channel UJJN and Instagram/Tiktok - @official_ujjn


Mikachu is a British artist and streamer based in London. She is releasing her Japanese debut single on 20th October (20.10.21), and will be performing her new song for the first time at MCM Comic Con in London. Find me @Mikachu13_ on Instagram and Twitch

Filifest UK

Filifest is youth-centric movement to promote Filipino culture, bridging youths and businesses with a shared love for the Philippines. We’ve done this through events such as our yearly student-organised culture festival, as well as other digital projects which utilises our platforms. We believe collaboration is key to achieving this and we want to extend our support and encourage more collective efforts in order to achieve our mission. Filifest will be bringing a snippet of Filifest to MCM London featuring a selection of the best Filipino pop culture - performances and games. Learn more at https://www.filifest.co.uk/


AZIZA DANCE CREW is a K-pop dance crew based in London, United Kingdom. Since 2017, the group has created K-pop dance videos to represent the strengths of the London K-pop Community. See them in the Pop Asia performance space across the weekend!