Pop Asia

Otakus, K-Pop and J-Pop stans unite!

PopAsia is a celebration of everything awesome about ESEA pop-culture. 

Want to dance like BTS, learn to be an origami folding legend, become a Pokémon gym leader for a weekend or just gush over your new found manga obsession? Pop Asia is your home!

Performance Space

Learn the steps to your favourite K-Pop track, watch jaw-dropping vocal performances, or join in with random dance games; the Pop Asia stage is a melting pot of talent.


NEW for 2022: Pop Asia’s workshop programme will run from 11am each day (10.30 on Saturday), giving you the chance to try your hand at something new. Check the full programme for scheduling details!


Did you know…? According to ancient Japanese legend, if you fold one thousand cranes you will be granted a wish! 

Get started today in our Origami drop-in workshop run by members of the British Origami Society and learn some creative paper folding skills!

Manga Drawing

Discover your inner Mangaka at our drop-in workshop; figure out the basics, draw your manga-style portrait, or try out a specific technique…we’ve got everything you need to get creative!

Travel the Globe…

…without leaving East London. Pop Asia is the place for the inquisitive to learn something new.

We’re proud to partner with some of London’s most prominent ESEA cultural groups to bring you workshops, performances and demos that celebrate the best of Asian pop-culture. Try your hand at Manga drawing, take in a Martial Arts presentation or try your hand at traditional dance; the world is your oyster!

Feeling peckish? Head to one of our many food vendors and sample everything from Onigiri, Lumpia and Udon noodles to tasty Taiyaki, fluffy Bao Buns and Bubble Tea. Careful, they’re hot!

Discover Japan

The Japan National Tourism Organization London office, otherwise known as Visit Japan UK, is the official Japan tourism board’s presence in the United Kingdom. They work to bring Japanese culture, how-to guides and travel inspiration to UK audiences through their giveaways, newsletters, social media channels, website and Japan fan events.

Stop by the JNTO Visit Japan stand for the latest news on Japan travel, advice on planning a trip, information on how to make your Japan bucket list dreams a reality and the most exciting new openings.

This year, they will also be teaming up with Duolingo for a killer Japanese language giveaway, and running a daily competition of the traditional Japanese game of ‘kendama’ with fun prizes to be won.

Who will be in Pop Asia?

Shao Dow

Shao Dow is an independent rapper, manga author and occasional ninja.  

In recent years he’s self-released three albums, created a headphones brand and published a manga book series through his own company, DiY Gang

Entertainment. Known to rap in both English and Japanese, he constantly blurs the lines between anime, martial-arts and his own music.  

Catch him at MCM on Sunday 29th May!

Wutian Martial Arts Institute

Wutian Martial Arts Institute is a martial arts club dedicated to helping young people reach their human potential. They teach kickboxing, Jiu-jitsu and Wing Chun as well as provide life skills programme to help children build a better character and a healthy mindset.

See them performing in the Pop Asia zone on Saturday 28th May at MCM. Keen to sign up? Visit their website below:

London Origami

Learn the time honoured and classic tradition of Japanese paper folding with the help of British Origami Society members!


Xinachu is a Kpop dancer, performer, event host and YouTuber from London.

Join her in the Pop Asia space over MCM weekend for random dance games and KPop performances galore!

ZoZo Ann

ZoZo Ann is a solo vocalist who sings the latest and most popular KPOP songs to get the crowd singing along with a few dance moves thrown in. 

ZoZo has become known in the community for her English KPOP covers on YouTube, as well as winning the KPOP World Festival and KPOP National Competition in previous years. 

Join her in the Pop Asia space performing your favourite KPop tracks!


AZIZA DANCE CREW is a K-pop dance crew based in London, United Kingdom. Since 2017, the group creates K-pop dance videos to represent the strengths of the London K-pop Community.

British Sumo Champions

Discover the ancient sport of sumo wrestling, with an appearance and live demonstration from the current British Sumo Champion, Mandeep Singh Kundi.

Ms Kayono

Nihon-buyō refers to the classical Japanese performing art of dance. 

Join Ms Kayono for a traditional dance lesson; learn how to wear a Yukata, the basic movements of a short dance, and how to use a fan in performance.

The Anime Freshmen Podcast

The Anime Freshmen are a group of friends who love to sit and chat about the most random Anime topics imaginable - on a podcast! 

They believe Anime is one of the best storytelling mediums and use their platform to provide a refreshing off-the-cuff approach to engage both people who are new to the genre, as well as long-term Anime fans.  

Join them in the Pop Asia performance space for an exclusive LIVE podcast episode, chatting all things Anime and a chance to test your knowledge too.


APOLLO are a group of passionate and versatile dancers who pride themselves on challenging a multitude of dance styles. 

They’ll be bringing their energy to Pop Asia to celebrate the many diverse and distinctive releases that Kpop has brought into the world.


Kajja are a new girl group consisting of 5 members: Pinar, Mia, Megha, Naimah and Stephany! 

They choose the freshest K-pop songs to perform and add their own aura and choreographies where they can. 

See their moves in Pop Asia at MCM.


KONCEPT are a UK-based K-Pop dance crew formed at the University of Warwick in 2017.

They self-produce high-quality dance covers and original choreography videos which they post to their YouTube channel.

KONCEPT have won titles for both national and global K-pop dance competitions.

Catch them in Pop Asia at MCM! 

New Vision Dance UK

New Vision are a London based Kpop cover group, formed in 2018, combining members’ performing arts experience with a love of Kpop and passion for dance

New Vision strongly values the friendship they’ve created over the years and think it’s this chemistry that makes their performances unique. 

Catch them in Pop Asia at MCM for performances, random dance and a few surprises too!

Marumoru Nai

Marumoru Nai is a youtaite, avid anime and manga fan who has been singing the best anime tunes for over a decade. Her style? Mostly jrock and jpop anime songs from a range of familiar artists such as LiSA, Scandal, Yoasobi and more.  

Don’t miss her performance for a sing along and great time!

Mandy Gao

Former national gymnastics champion, Mandy Gao, will be using her rhythmic gymnastics skills including ribbon, hoop and clubs to bring to life her favourite anime characters.


AZULE are a group of performers who’ve focused on Asian pop style songs for 2+ years. They’re looking forward to showcasing their talents MCM Comic-Con and spreading their love for dance.

Catch them in Pop Asia for a performance of K-Pop choreography like no other!

LVL 19

London-based K-pop dance group, LVL 19, will regularly be found performing in Leicester Square. After starting in 2019 they’ve since grown as a group, performing at various competitions and events in London. 

Suuuper Anime Podcast

Which Anime is the best? Which Character is the strongest? 

Suuuper Anime Podcast aka Ed and Solo host an interactive live podcast session to address, unpack and uncover some of the most passionate and controversial Anime takes.

T1ME Dance Crew

A self-made dance crew from London, founded on friendship and love for K-pop, T1ME Dance Crew’s familial bond is unparalleled.

They cover various dance expertise and skills to create unique ‘quality over quantity’ content! A culturally diverse group of full-time workers and students - the celebration of ESEA culture brought them together.

 T1ME hope to convey fresh energy, immaculate vibes, and the pure joy of performing.


UJJN are a Kpop dance cover team who are looking forward to perform songs from Kpop artists such as BTS, BlackPink, Itzy, Twice and NCT.

Since forming in 2017, UJJN have been MCM regulars and have become one of London's biggest K-pop dance crew with an avid Youtube following.

See them in action in Pop Asia!


Segno are a dance collective from London with a deep passion for dance, music and growth. Each member brings their own diverse character to the family and strives to keep growing and improving as individuals and together while also having fun!


Discovering her first manga aged 9, Dariasirene has had a love for Japanese culture ever since. 

Inspired by artists such as Hatsune Miku and Yoasobi, Dariasirene combines her passion for electronic music and anime by creating her own genre which she calls Electro-Angel music.

Oraceon Dance Crew

Step into the world of Oraceon: A celebration of Korean popular dance brought to you by a mix of dancers with varied skill-sets to create an unforgettable performance. 

KCL Hi-Rise Kpop Dance Group

Hi-Rise are a Kpop cover dance group from King’s College London! You are invited to watch their fun Kpop dance medley where dancers will be dressed as characters from some of their favorite animes! 

They’ll also be hosting a random dance play with a mixture of old and new kpop songs, which will be uploaded to their YouTube channel.

Nicole Kirkhouse

Nicole will be performing a  complete medley to celebrate GFriend's impact on the K-pop industry, starting from their 2015 debut to their 2021 disbandment and beyond.


Chant, wave, and clap along to your favourite J-pop tunes and anime openings as Koneko sings and dances her way into your heart!

Clique LDN

CLIQUE are a dance crew from London, who will be performing a variety of East and Southeast Asian pop songs at MCM to introduce the audience to artists outside of the Kpop industry.

Kerri Louise

Kerri Louise is a classically trained singer who performs in a variety of styles such as Japanese, Chinese, K-Pop, Anime, Opera, Ballad, Rock, Musicals…phew! The list is endless! Usually found in cosplay too, Kerri will be taking to the Pop Asia performance space at MCM with a jam-packed set. 


Filifest is youth-centric movement to promote Filipino culture with a shared love for the Philippines. 

With strong focus on their student-organised culture festival, as well as other digital projects, they believe collaboration is key. 

Filifest will be bringing a snapshot of Filifest to MCM London this May, featuring a selection of the best Filipino pop culture, performances and games. 

Juju Bon

Juelma, known by the stage name Juju (or Juju Bon), is a London-based dancer and performer who focuses on hip-hop, commercial and is known for her Kpop and Jpop covers often posted on Youtube or Instagram.

Juju will perform a collection of K-pop, J-pop and T-pop songs in collaboration with a handful of dancers from the UK K-pop community!

Kiwi Nuggets

Kiwi Nuggets is a cosplayer, dancer, and singer who mainly focuses on covers of anisongs, Jpop, and Vocaloid songs! 

He prides himself on enthusiasm and stage presence as he performs some of his favorite songs!! 

Join Kiwi on his first-ever MCM set and leave with a smile on your face! 


Astray are a cover dance group that adds passion and perfection to every cover they do; more than just friends dancing together, but a family united through their love for dance. 

They want to portray K-pop with diversity to represent the group’s different walks of life. 

Catch them in Pop Asia for a dynamic performance!

AVID London

AVID London is a dance crew based in London with a keen interest in filming dance cover projects.

They are a diverse group of working professionals and students from different backgrounds and cultures who film their dance projects in various scenic spots across London and strive to produce high quality content for their viewers and supporters.  

Find them in Pop Asia at MCM for upbeat dance covers of their favourite K-Pop tracks featuring Seventeen, G(i)DLE, Dreamcatcher, and IVE!

A Thousand Cranes Theatre Company

A Thousand Cranes was founded by performer Kumiko Mendl and director and writer Vicky Ireland in 2006 to creatively diversify UK Children’s touring theatre, bringing the extraordinary and fascinating stories, traditions, art forms and artists of Japan to young audiences.

They’ll be hosting a Ninja training workshop, as well as our Manga drawing drop-in workshops all weekend!


Chixpudding will be performing a variety of fun mashup; from anime songs jumping into kpop and more! 

Her bubbly personality always shines through and she enjoys chatting away and getting to know the crowd. 

Chixpudding has been dancing for many years, mostly Jpop and Kpop but has expanded her skill to Chinese fan dances too. 

You will be sure to have a good time and learn some dance moves from your kawaii senpai Chi!