MCM Pop Asia

Pop Asia

Otakus, K-Pop and J-Pop stans unite!

PopAsia is a celebration of everything awesome about ESEA pop-culture. 

Want to dance like BTS, learn to be an origami folding legend, become a Pokémon gym leader for a weekend or just gush over your new found manga obsession? Pop Asia is your home!

What’s on in Pop Asia?

Performance Space

Learn the steps to your favourite K-Pop track, watch jaw-dropping demonstrations, or join in with interactive games; Pop Asia is a melting pot of talent.

Applications to take part in the Performance Space have now closed. Watch this space to see who will be at the show!

Travel the Globe…

…without leaving East London. Pop Asia is the place for the inquisitive to learn something new.

We’re proud to partner with some of London’s most prominent cultural groups to celebrate the best of Asian pop-culture. Try your hand at Manga drawing, take in a Martial Arts presentation or try your hand at traditional dance; the world is your oyster!

Feeling peckish? Head to one of our many food vendors and sample everything from Onigiri, Lumpia and Udon noodles to tasty Taiyaki, fluffy Bao Buns and Bubble Tea. Careful, they’re hot!


NEW for 2022: Pop Asia’s drop-in workshop programme will run throughout the weekend, giving you the chance to try your hand at something new. Check back closer to the show for full scheduling details!


Did you know…? According to ancient Japanese legend, if you fold one thousand cranes you will be granted a wish! Get started today in our Origami workshop run by members of the British Origami Society and learn some creative paper folding skills!

Manga Drawing

Discover your inner Mangaka; figure out the basics, draw your manga-style portrait, or try out a specific technique…we’ve got everything you need to get creative!

Who will be in Pop Asia?

A Thousand Cranes

A Thousand Cranes was founded by performer Kumiko Mendl and director and writer Vicky Ireland in 2006 to creatively diversify UK Children’s touring theater, bringing the extraordinary and fascinating stories, traditions, art forms and artists of Japan to young audiences.

They’ll be hosting our Manga drawing drop-in workshops all weekend!


Hai! Japanese

Hai! Japanese is the creation of Japan enthusiasts Lewis & Charlotte. They have been creating learning materials for Japanese ever since they started learning it ourselves. Their projects aim to take all the things they wish they knew before starting and package it up in a new, friendly and easy to understand manner. Come join them in the Pop Asia zone to learn some useful Japanese characters and phrases.

London Origami Society

Learn the time honoured and classic tradition of Japanese paper folding with the help of British Origami Society members!

British Sumo Federation

Discover the ancient sport of sumo wrestling, with an appearance and live demonstration from the current British Sumo Champion, Mandeep Singh Kundi.

Basingstoke Ju Jutsu Club

Basingstoke Ju Jutsu Club was founded 24th April 1994, by Anthony J Bailey, 7th Dan. He has been studying Martial Arts for 46 years & has been included in the Martial Arts Hall of Fame UK & USA, as well as many books & magazines over the years.

We teach a modern form of Japanese Ju Jutsu, which is great for self-defence, sport, children & adults. As a club, we believe strongly in ‘inclusion, not exclusion’. 

What is Ju Jutsu? Basically, put Karate, Judo & Aikido together and you'll get the idea. 

An extremely effective fighting system, Ju Jutsu is also used in Hollywood films to make dramatic fight scenes, like those in John Wick!

Head to Pop Asia area at 3:30pm on Sunday, and after our short Demo, you are welcome to come and learn some John Wick moves yourself……..Pencils are NOT included!

Press X

Press X are a London rock band that write songs based on popular video games. 

Their music spans several genres, blending an eclectic mix of citypop, hard rock, and 8-bit chiptunes. They also cover popular songs from anime and video games.




Kajja will bring new K-Pop dances and choreography to MCM, adding their own dance moves and energy to the existing songs is what makes them a unique dance group!

See them in the Pop Asia Performance Space on Friday 28th October!



New Vision Dance UK

New Vision is a London based Kpop cover group that was formed in 2018 by Kpop and Anime/Gaming lovers who are very passionate about dancing and cosplaying. 

The members have experience in various types of dance performing arts, and also teaching dance classes/workshops in their free time. 

For the PopAsia stage the members hope to show you several performances that they prepared as a group as well as individual solo pieces. Alongside this there will be a Kpop random dance play event towards the end for all comic con go-ers and cosplayers!




Catch 'A snippet of FiliFest' and enjoy our fun-filled Filipino street games and more! Challenge yourself to see how high you can jump or learn more about why we love the Philippines so much through our activities. FiliFest hopes to make Filipino culture be known worldwide - be a part of our journey of writing history!

City String Ensemble

City String Ensemble is a versatile string ensemble based in London.

With an enthusiasm for all genres of music, CSE are as equally happy in the classical realm, as they are performing their very own unique arrangements of modern pop songs and anything in between, all with their signature style.

Catch them in Pop Asia, where they’ll be performing some of your favourite Anime soundtracks!



純心♡KISS (Junshin KISS) are a Guilty Kiss cover group from Love Live! Sunshine. Guilty Kiss is a dark/gothic subunit of Aqours from Love Live. 

They include 3 of the members; Yoshiko Tsushima, Mari Ohara and Riko Sakurauchi;  @sofiapyonpyon as Yoshiko Tsushima @h.oneybii as Mari Ohara @hajra_cos as Riko Sakurauchi 

Catch them in Pop Asia, where they’ll be performing a setlist of cover dances from Guilty Kiss in cosplay of 'New Romantic Sailors'. 


Konnect are a cover dance group from Oxford Brookes University. They seek to have loads of fun and liven up any stage through their positive attitude and hard work.

Konnect will be putting together various spooky themed performances this October.

Afterwards, join them on stage for a RPD where you can have fun dancing to some of the most iconic K-Pop songs. 





Get your light sticks ready, LELE is on the way! 

Hailing from Australia, LELE debuted in Tokyo as an official artist for Japan Music Week. Her unique blend of Japanese influenced electronic pop is featured on Yokoso Anime and has been received by fans worldwide as a SMASH hit success, with spectacular live performances across Australia, Japan and the UK. 

With vibrant Harajuku inspired costumes, prizes and catchy songs - LELE is a colourful personality that is NOT to be missed!


Cookie Cutter Idols

Cookie Cutter Idols are a Love Live! cover duo currently focusing on performing as Saint Snow.

 This will be their performance debut at MCM so join them in the sugary sweet celebration. B.Y.O.L. (bring your own lightsticks) 



Krush LDN

Krush LDN are an all-ages dance crew based in London. 

They specialise in K-Pop cover dances, and more recently have started covering J-Pop songs too! 

They’re looking forward to coming back to MCM Comic Con London, with a performance of dances old and new. They are keen to show off some classic K-Pop and J-Pop dances, while also keeping it fresh with some current releases. Whatever your taste, there will be something for you!




MION is a Japanese singer-songwriter currently based in the UK.

She has been active professionally for over 10 years in her home country of Japan ranking high on the Oricon Singles Chart with her original songs Summer Magic Alive Want You Back and SOS -Soul of Steven-. 

For MION’s MCM Comic Con debut she will be performing a selection of her own original music as well as treating us to some covers of popular Japanese songs.


Shao Dow

Shao Dow is an independent rapper, manga author and occasional ninja. 

In recent years he’s self-released three albums, created a headphones brand and published a manga book series through his own company, DiY Gang

Entertainment. Known to rap in both English and Japanese, he constantly blurs the lines between anime, martial-arts and his own music. 




KCover is the University of Birmingham's K-Pop dance society! 

Their main aim is to unite students through a mutual love of K-Pop music and dance, and to provide a fun and comfortable environment for K-Pop fans to enjoy and meet each other. 

Their performance will include a variety of K-Pop dances, from newer releases that have become favourites to older songs that they love going back to. 

Come watch them on the day for some great dancing by their talented KCover members, great music from brilliant K-Pop artists, and overall excellent vibes! Their performance is guaranteed to hype you up, so don't miss it ^-^



AVID London

AVID London is a dance crew based in London with a keen interest in filming dance cover projects. They are a diverse group of working professionals and students from different backgrounds and cultures who film their dance projects in various scenic spots across London and strive to produce high quality content for their viewers and supporters.

Find them in Pop Asia at MCM for upbeat dance covers of their favourite K-Pop tracks!




Xinachu is a Kpop dancer, performer, event host and YouTuber from London.

Join her in the Pop Asia space over MCM weekend for random dance games and KPop performances galore!




Segno are a dance team based in London that strives to bring together the East and West. They have a deep passion for dancing and music and aim to provide the PopAsia stage with nothing less than excellence and excitement! 

They are proud to have competed in three KPOP competitions so far placing 1st and 2nd and Overall Winner respectively. 

They’re excited to return to the Pop Asia Performance space with another set of exciting K-Pop and contemporary choreo!



Marumoru Nai

Come and sing and shout and let it all out with all the newest and classic Anime songs! 

From Demon Slayer to Card Captor Sakura, make sure to pop around for your daily dose of Anime songs.




PARADOX OFFICIAL are a K-Pop dance cover team that's trying to inspire and entertain UK people through K-Pop dance and music.

They have many years of experience in dancing to K-pop choreography between them, but this is their first time performing at Comic-Con. They will be performing a setlist of various trendy K-Pop dances to entertain you and introduce you to their world!



Arisu’s Idol Invasion

Arisu will be doing a short solo idol performance with a diverse range of songs, that hopefully you can enjoy whether you’re a J-idol fan or not.

Arisu performed as an underground idol in Tokyo and this will be their first performance ever on home soil!



Asters were created over the past year. Every month they have been training intensely, learning new skills and styles of dancing, and now it is time to show you how much we have grown since the beginning! Please enjoy!


AZIZA DANCE CREW is a K-pop dance crew based in London, United Kingdom. Since 2017, the group creates K-pop dance videos to represent the strengths of the London K-pop Community.



Anime Freshmen Podcast - The Wheel of Anime

The Anime Freshmen are a group of friends who love to sit and chat about the most random Anime topics imaginable - on a podcast! 

They believe Anime is one of the best storytelling mediums and use their platform to provide a refreshing off-the-cuff approach to engage both people who are new to the genre, as well as long-term Anime fans.

Join the Anime Freshmen as they challenge you to take on ‘The Wheel Of Anime’. A fun filled performance full of prizes and surprises from one of the best Anime Podcasts around.



ICarus (Imperial College ARe Us) is the dance team of Imperial College's K-Pop Society! They love all things K-Pop and Hallyu, and produce dance covers of the latest K-Pop releases in London all year round.



Audiovisual artist, Nyokee, presents a quirky and surreal blend of retro games console sounds, uplifting beats and 3D visuals. Their performance will feel like meeting your favourite computer game character and spending a few minutes in a digital forest of light and pixels!

Sing and dance along to an energetic mix of synth-heavy Kawaii Bass and retro game sounds, wrapped in electrifying 3D visuals and Harajuku street fashion. 

Nyokee is an internationally performing producer, singer, book author and graphics artist.



ZoZo Ann is a solo vocalist who sings the latest and most popular KPOP songs to get the crowd singing along with a few dance moves thrown in. 

ZoZo has become known in the community for her English KPOP covers on YouTube, as well as winning the KPOP World Festival and KPOP National Competition in previous years. 

Join her in the Pop Asia space performing your favourite KPop tracks! 



Mandy Gao

Former national gymnastics champion, Mandy Gao, will be using her rhythmic gymnastics skills including ribbon, hoop and clubs to bring to life her favourite anime characters.



AZULE are a group of dancers and singers who have been studying and performing Asian pop (K-Pop J-Pop C-Pop) style songs for over 2 years and are excited to showcase their talents at MCM Comic Con. 

They’ve prepared a performance of a large variety of K-Pop choreographies in hopes of demonstrating and spreading our love for dance, as well as a culture different from ours, to those attending!




London-based French pop/electronic singer songwriter and producer Dariasirene discovered her first manga aged 9 and fell in love with this culture ever since.

 Signature wings, hazel fringe and an angelic voice capable of singing whistle notes, Daria combines her passion for electronic music and anime by creating her own genre which she calls Electro-Angel music. 

Get ready for a magical performance at MCM full of high notes!



Elena Vitagliano

Elena Vitagliano is an award winning Italian comic artist living in London.

Her work is related to the analysis of human emotions and the meaning of life.

Elena’s keen interest in the Japanese culture, a degree revolving around Oriental culture, art and language, and even spending a year living and studying in Tokyo, have had heavy influences of her work.

Elena will be hosting a Manga drawing workshop in Pop Asia - join in and learn a new skill!


SOYUZ is a UK based dance crew. With the passion of not just K-pop but also C, J, M, Hokkien, and Western Pop. A group of people who aspire to show the diversity of music through Dance, Singing and Entertainment content are ready to bring their talents to the table!


T1ME Dance Crew

T1ME are a self-made dance crew from London founded on friendship and passion for K-Pop. We cover various dance expertise (boy/girl group contemporary hip-hop Latin ballet) and skills to create unique content. T1ME hope to return to MCM with more energy than ever, and a creative setlist featuring many popular artists. Check out their YouTube page and Instagram @t1me_dancecrew