Hope and Homes for Children

Introducing: MCM Comic Con’s Official Charity Partner

Family has always been at the heart of MCM Comic Con, which is why we’re pleased to be partnering with Hope and Homes for Children to assist with the great work that they do around the world to ensure every child has a loving home.

Who are Hope and Homes for Children?

Sadly, over 5.4 million children around the world are currently separated from their families. They’ve been placed in orphanages, even though over 80% of them are not orphans.

Orphanages expose these children to the ever-present dangers of abuse and neglect that result in lifelong mental and physical health issues.

These children need to get back to family.

Since 1994, Hope and Homes for Children have been working with families, communities, local authorities and governments to do just that. The charity also works to prevent the conditions that lead to family separation in the first place by moving the focus of political, financial and social support away from institutions and back to family.

A child needs more than food and shelter to survive. They need the love, nurture and protection of a family to really thrive.

Hope and Homes for Children have helped hundreds of thousands of families over the last three decades. Now they need to help millions more. Please join them to help every separated child get back to family.

How can you support Hope and Homes for Children?

My First Toy: £8 could provide the first toy that a child has ever had, giving them joy and a tool for development

Baby Care Pack:£25 could provide a simple pack of baby essentials: nappies, creams and baby clothes could help to ease the pressure on a new mum, giving her the chance to bond with her baby while we organise the support they need to stay together for good

Find My Family: £86 would cover the cost of tracing the families of two children and carefully laying the groundwork for them to be reunited safely with their family  

Keep a Family Together: £600 could allow our experienced family support workers to provide a vulnerable family with the tailored practical and emotional help they need to care for their children and keep them safe from orphanages 

Build a New Family: On average it costs £1,680 to build a new family for a child rescued from an institution. This will help fund the full cost of the skilled social work and resources that are needed to help a children feel loved and secure in a new family

Hope and Homes for Children at MCM

Head to the Treehouse space at any point over MCM Comic Con weekend to meet the Hope and Homes for Children team and find out more about the great work that they do. 

We’ll also have donation points located around the show floor, to make the process of helping out their very worthy cause as simple as possible!