Gaming the Mind

Gaming the Mind

Gaming the Mind is a charity dedicated to improving mental health in the video games community. Established in 2015 and run by mental health experts, Gaming the Mind combine healthcare expertise with passion for video games and geek culture. 

Their aim is for video games and geek culture to play a positive role in people’s mental health, and for the geek community to be a welcoming space for people with mental health problems. By focusing on the intersection between video games and mental health, they raise awareness and reduce the stigma surrounding these issues.

Gaming the Mind work to educate various groups including school pupils, game design students, esports athletes, healthcare professionals, and the general public. They also advise development studios regarding mental health representation in video games and mental wellness. Some of their other activities include speaking to the government regarding games and wellbeing, collaboration with other third-sector organisations, and direct engagement with the public through online media.

Rest, relax, reset

If you’re feeling overwhelmed during your time at MCM Comic Con, pay a visit to the Reset Room. Gaming the Mind will be on hand to provide visitors with a calm space to rest, relax, and reset. 

If you just want to chill out, they’ll have lo-fi activities to help you unwind, or if you’re looking for a friendly face to chat to, they’ll be on hand for that too.

Gaming the Mind will also have plenty of information on mental health, and how to best manage your time at the show. So drop by if you’re running low on steam, and they’ll help you get back to enjoying the convention!

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