Pop Asia

Otakus, K-pop stans and lovers of Asian pop-culture; welcome to your sanctuary. 

If you ever wanted to dance like BLACKPINK, become a Pokémon gym leader for a weekend or just gush over your new found manga obsession - Pop Asia is your home! With interactive experiences, local cultural partners and anime/manga retailers - this is the ultimate celebration of ESEA pop culture! 

Check back closer to the show for full details of what’s happening in Pop Asia.

Performance Space

Learn the steps to your favourite K-Pop track, watch jaw-dropping demonstrations, or join in with interactive games; Pop Asia is a melting pot of talent. 


Project Cove

Project Cove are a new and diverse K-Pop Dance group from Birmingham who upload covers, relays and TikToks on a regular basis. 

What makes them different? The range of groups they cover; from BLACKPINK to SHINEE, Girlkind and beyond. 

They aim to unite the Birmingham K-Pop Dance scene through collaboration. Catch them in MCM’s Pop Asia this November! 

📸 @projectxcove

🎥 Youtube 


Taiko West

Taiko West specialise in leading high-energy, hands-on Taiko Drumming workshops and performance projects across the UK Midlands. They aim to both honour the traditions that underpin Taiko Drumming while also developing new musical directions, especially through the use of digital technology. 

Catch them in Pop Asia on Friday 11th November! 

Find out more or book a class: 

🖥️ https://www.taikowest.com/

Suzie Geeforce

Join Suzie Geeforce, an Angloburmese electronic music producer/singer/songwriter influenced by Videogame OSTs (especially Sega, Nintendo and Hoyoverse games) for an original set!  

Her latest singles include Aurora Archives (inspired by Honkai Impact 3rd) and Joyride. Get transported to different worlds for 20 mins! 

📸 @suziegeeforce 

Electric Blossom

Electric Blossom is a huge fan of BlackPink has created a mix to show their love for them!  

EIectric Blossom is a very creative dancer, performing for years in a non-professional capacity including at Disneyland Paris.  

Taiko West

New Vision is a London based Kpop cover group, formed in 2018 by K-Pop and Anime/Gaming lovers with a passion for dance and cosplay. 

With a variety of dance backgrounds, performing arts and teaching experience, members regularly collaborate with other London K-Pop cover groups and cosplayers as they create content for their audience on various social media platforms. 

Join them for an un-missable performance and Random Dance Game for everyone who loves K-Pop! 

📸 @newvisiondancenv  

🎥 Youtube 


HiraKira- ‘making the sparkling light’are a new Love Live! dance group who performs on stage at conventions and posts MVs to their YouTube. They are excited to make their MCM debut in Birmingham this November. 

📸 @hirakiraidols

🎥 Youtube 


Shoshin’s K-Pop throwdown will bring a variety of different K-Pop songs to the Pop Asia stage, including unexpected remixes and well known favourites galore. 

Shoshin’s performances merge powerful energy with passionately created choreography in what’s sure to be a great atmosphere for everyone involved. 


🎥 Youtube


KCover is the University of Birmingham's K-Pop dance society! They are focused on learning and covering choreography, from beloved classics to exciting new releases.  

Their main aim is to unite students through a mutual love of K-Pop music and dance and to provide and fun and comfortable environment for K-Pop fans to enjoy and meet each other.  

See their talent in Pop Asia this November! 

📸 @kcoversoc

🎥 Youtube 

Manchester K-Pop

Manchester K-Pop Dance is an inclusive K-Pop dance studio and cover dance group who will be showcasing an exciting K-Pop dance performance to ATEEZ's Wave (Overture) inspired by the Korean TV show Kingdom: Legendary War! 

📸 @mcrkpopdance

🎥 Youtube


Xinachu is a Kpop dancer, performer, event host and YouTuber from London.

Join her in the Pop Asia space over MCM weekend for random dance games and KPop performances galore!

📸 @xinachu  

🎥 Youtube 

Shao Dow

Shao Dow is an independent rapper, manga author and occasional ninja. 

In recent years he’s self-released three albums, created a headphones brand and published a manga book series through his own company, DiY Gang

Entertainment. Known to rap in both English and Japanese, he constantly blurs the lines between anime, martial-arts and his own music. 

📸 @shaodowmusic

🎥 Youtube


ZoZo Ann is a solo vocalist who sings the latest and most popular KPOP songs to get the crowd singing along with a few dance moves thrown in. 

ZoZo has become known in the community for her English KPOP covers on YouTube, as well as winning the KPOP World Festival and KPOP National Competition in previous years. 

Join her in the Pop Asia space performing your favourite KPop tracks! 

📸 @zozoann_

🎥 Youtube 


KONCEPT K-pop dance crew, having performed in places such as on the BBC, on MCND's World Tour, and on YouTube, will  showcase a number of special stage performances prepared especially for MCM Comic Con! 

Don’t miss the action in Pop Asia this November! 

📸 @koncept_w 

🎥 Youtube


Anime Freshmen Podcast - The Wheel of Anime

The Anime Freshmen are a group of friends who love to sit and chat about the most random Anime topics imaginable - on a podcast! 

They believe Anime is one of the best storytelling mediums and use their platform to provide a refreshing off-the-cuff approach to engage both people who are new to the genre, as well as long-term Anime fans.

Join the Anime Freshmen as they challenge you to take on ‘The Wheel Of Anime’. A fun filled performance full of prizes and surprises from one of the best Anime Podcasts around.

🖥️ https://animefreshmen.com/


Sophia De Luna

Sophia de Luna is an 18 year old, experienced dancer with a fiery spirit and a passion for K-Pop dancing! Don’t let her small height deceive you! 

See Sophia in the Pop Asia Performance Space on Friday 28th October!

📸 @sophiadeluna_

🎥 Youtube 

New Moon Dance Crew

Originally, from Lithuania, New Moon came to London to do a dance degree in London 2 years ago. 

Their big passion for K-Pop covers led them to create a dance cover group. They’ll be representing New Moon at MCM this November with a short K-Pop cosplay performance.  

📸 @newmoondancecrew  

一瞬☆IDOLS (Isshun Idols)

Isshun Idols are a cover group of Aqours from Love Live! Sunshine!  Are bringing the festivities to MCM early with a Christmas themed set list. 

Their dance covers will include a mix of group songs, duos and trios for our stage, as well as a special Love Live Christmas song performance. 

Isshun Idols know that Love Live! Is something close to folks’ hearts and are looking forward to bringing their enthusiasm to the Love Live! Community. 


MION is a Japanese singer-songwriter currently based in the UK.

She has been active professionally for over 10 years in her home country of Japan ranking high on the Oricon Singles Chart with her original songs Summer Magic Alive Want You Back and SOS -Soul of Steven-. 

For MION’s MCM Comic Con debut she will be performing a selection of her own original music as well as treating us to some covers of popular Japanese songs.

📸 @mion_official

🖥️  https://www.mionjp.com/

City String Ensemble

City String Ensemble is a versatile string ensemble based in London.

With an enthusiasm for all genres of music, CSE are as equally happy in the classical realm, as they are performing their very own unique arrangements of modern pop songs and anything in between, all with their signature style.

Catch them in Pop Asia, where they’ll be performing some of your favourite Anime soundtracks!

📸 @citystringensemble

Techno Spartans

The Techno-Spartans are a special professional K-Pop performance team that utilise LED armoured cosplays, individually themed after their favourite K-Pop groups. 

They hail from experience through K-Pop performances in multiple cities, most recently appearing at their first K-Pop concert in London for the Rocking Doll UK Launch.  

On top of their unique costumes, visitors can look forward to a performance combining comedy, acting and energetic K-Pop performances to keep everyone hyped and entertained! 

📸 @technochief117

🎥 Youtube

British Sumo Federation

Discover the ancient sport of sumo wrestling, with an appearance and live demonstration from the current British Sumo Champion, Mandeep Singh Kundi. 

🖥️ http://www.sumo.org.uk/


Get your light sticks ready, LELE is on the way!  

Hailing from Australia, LELE debuted in Tokyo as an official artist for Japan Music Week. Her unique blend of Japanese influenced electronic pop is featured on Yokoso Anime and has been received by fans worldwide as a SMASH hit success, with spectacular live performances across Australia, Japan and the UK.  

With vibrant Harajuku inspired costumes, prizes and catchy songs - LELE is a colourful personality that is NOT to be missed!  

📸 instagram.com/lelesings

🖥️ http://lelesings.com

Ember Idols

Ember Idols are a Manchester based idol performance group. They are super excited to bring μ's songs to life for you to enjoy and hope to see you in Pop Asia on Saturday 12th November! 

360 Martial Arts

360 Martial Arts are a training and performance centre based in Kettering with the aim of creating a friendly and welcoming environment where individuals of all ages can learn Martial Arts at their own pace. 

Join the team in Pop Asia on Friday 11th November for a Street Fighter themed demonstration, plus the chance to have a go at some basic Karate skills and ask them anything you’d like to know about Martial Arts! 

🖥️ https://360martialarts.bemysocial.com/