For any press or media enquiries, please contact [email protected]


MCM Comic Cons are vibrant events which offer a variety of photography opportunities. Taking photographs is encouraged - no special permission is needed to bring a camera to the event. The event, venue, and attendees all have expectations, so please note we have rules and guidelines in place that apply to everyone at an MCM Comic Con. Click here to read those.


MCM Comic Con welcomes members of the press from around the world and is happy to provide approved media members with a complimentary press badge. As with all ReedPOP events, MCM Comic Con is a ‘fans first’ event, which means your press badge allows access to panels as long as space is available.


MCM Comic Con press registration is open for media members regularly making editorial contributions (editorial press) only. Editorial press includes writers, reporters, reviewers, producers, photographers, cameramen, etc. who are attending specifically to write about MCM Comic Con and/or cover the event for newspapers, magazines, TV, podcasts, radio, etc.

Please understand that simply submitting this form does not guarantee you a press badge.


Your press badge DOES NOT allow:

  • Early or special access or guaranteed seating into MCM Comic Con
  • The ability to cut lines
  • Free access into any events requiring an additional ticket
  • Guaranteed seating at panels and event


Decisions are final. MCM reserves the right to approve or deny any application. This decision is final and cannot be appealed. Include any information in your application that will allow the MCM Press team to make an informed decision, as you will not be able to submit further information later on if your application is denied.

Multiple badges. If you intend to come to MCM Comic Con with a crew (photographer, cameramen, etc.), each member of the crew must complete an application. MCM reserves the right to limit the number of press badges provided to any organisation.

Each is issued individually and is non-transferable and non-resellable. Any individuals caught transferring or selling their press badge will be disqualified from press badges at future MCM and ReedPOP events.

All press registrations are subject to approval. You will be notified if you have been approved or denied for a press badge within 21 business days of when you submitted your application. If you have been approved, additional information regarding press badge distribution will be provided in your confirmation email and receipt.


After reading this page, please click through to the online form which follows. Complete this form in its entirety. Incomplete applications will not be approved.

We highly recommend that you apply early as there is a chance that we will reach maximum capacity for press badges to MCM Comic Con 2021 prior to the deadline. Once all press badges are allocated, no more will be released.

There will be no onsite press registration at MCM Comic Con.

And remember: Answer every question as truthfully and completely as you can. Please provide as much and as detailed information as you can. Incomplete and vague applications will not be approved.

More details coming soon.