MCM Show Guide: If you like… Wrestling!

MCM Show Guide: If you like… Wrestling!

If you like wrestling, you're in the right place! Whether you're new to wrestling or have been a super fan for years this is your guide to get the most out of the wrestling content at MCM Birmingham.

The Wrestling Ring!

Yeah you read that right, we will have a wrestling ring on the MCM Birmingham showfloor! We’ll have action packed matches for you to watch all weekend, so make sure to check out the schedule for more details.

Please note that this area will be quite loud, and might be a bit too much for some people. If you start to feel overwhelmed, please make sure to use the reset room, head to a panel, or even take the time to grab some food.

Side Quest

Close your eyes and imagine… It’s the year 2000, you’ve turned on your PlayStation, your friend is over, and it’s time to load in WWE Smackdown to show them that cool move you just learnt. Okay, it’s not the year 2000, but why not relive some old memories and see if you remember that button combo? Head to the Side Quest area and 1V1 your friend and see who will be victorious in some classic retro games! 

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