Pop Asia

Otakus, K-pop stans and lovers of Asian pop-culture; welcome to your sanctuary. If you ever wanted to dance like BLACKPINK, become a Pokémon gym leader for a weekend or just gush over your new found manga obsession - Pop Asia is your home!

Live Music

We’ll be kicking off each day in Pop Asia with a bang, specifically…of drums, as a live band plays out your favourite J-Pop, K-Pop and Anime tunes. Check the schedule for more details!


Learn the steps to your favourite K-Pop track, watch jaw-dropping demonstrations, or join in with interactive games; Pop Asia is a melting pot of talent.

Manga Workshops

Discover your inner Mangaka; figure out the basics, draw your manga-style portrait, or try out a specific technique…we’ve got everything you need to get creative! Check the schedule for details of workshops each day.


Did you know…? According to ancient Japanese legend, if you fold one thousand cranes you will be granted a wish! Get started today in our Origami workshop run by members of the British Origami Society and learn some creative paper folding skills!

Who Will Be In Pop Asia?