Photography and Video Guidelines

General rules for All Photography at MCM Comic Cons

  • MCM Comic Cons are vibrant events which offer a variety of photography opportunities. Taking photographs is encouraged - no special permission is needed to bring a camera to the event. The event, venue, and attendees all have expectations, so please note the following rules that apply to everyone at an MCM Comic Con:
  • Photography is permitted in all public areas of the show unless signs or staff indicate otherwise.
  • Guests are aware there will be photography and videography present at the event.
  • Outside of organised activities on stages, exhibitor stands, and signings permission must be sought from the subject(s) of a photograph before beginning to take photographs; the photographer must also oblige if the subject requests to see the photograph taken.
  • It is unacceptable to take or attempt to take photos deliberately geared towards compromising common decency or the dignity of the subject, for example contriving the cameras position to shoot up a skirt or kilt.
  • Any equipment used must be held by the photographer. Free standing equipment or additional equipment held by other people e.g. lights and flashes is not permitted, unless part of a booked trading or exhibiting space. This equally applies to people with a press pass; a press pass does not grant permission to set up a studio.
  • Use of power sockets requires the permission of the event. Venues further require permission to be sought from them if wanting to use power sockets within a venue but outside of the event.
  • Photographs taken at events may only be sold to press outlets unless taken as part of a booked trading or exhibition space. If you wish to sell photography services to the general public or the subjects of the photographs without a booked trading or exhibition space, a £500 fee will be charged for commercial photography.

Cosplay Etiquette Tips

  • Want a picture with or of a cosplayer? That’s cool – just remember to ask them first!

o Most cosplayers will be happy to have their picture taken unless they are busy but respect their right to say no for any reason and move on if refused.

o If a cosplayer is resting or eating, respect their space and find them later instead

o Avoid stopping for photos in busy walkways or in front of stalls- try to move into more open space

o If a cosplayer is posing for another photographer be patient and ask permission when they have finished

  • Do not touch the cosplayer or costume without permission

o Costumes can be more fragile than they appear

o Please respect personal boundaries

  • Cosplayers are real people and not the characters, don’t not expect the cosplayer to perform in character
  • Be aware that there may be others waiting to take snaps and that the cosplayer is also at the show to have fun, let them enjoy their time with their friends and leave if they wish
  • Respect that Cosplay is fun and anyone can be any character they choose regardless of body type, race, whether they have a disability or not