Cosplay Etiquette

Want a picture with or of a cosplayer? ASK FIRST!

o   Most cosplayers will be happy to have their picture taken unless they are busy but respect their right to say no for any reason and move on if refused.

o   If a cosplayer is rushing somewhere, resting or eating, respect their space and find them later instead

o   Avoid stopping for photos in the middle of busy walkways or in front of stalls- try to move into more open space

o   If a cosplayer is posing for another photographer be patient and ask permission when they have finished- it’s good manners and you will get a better picture if the cosplayer is paying attention to you!

Cosplay is not consent- Do not touch the cosplayer or costume without permission

o   Costumes can be more fragile than they appear

o   Please respect personal boundaries

Cosplayers are real people and not the characters

o   Do compliment the costume and/or craftsmanship, not the character choice

o   Don’t make comments about physical appearance

o   If it’s a character you hate- don’t take it out on the cosplayer

o   If it’s a character you love- don’t get over enthusiastic and make it uncomfortable for the cosplayer

o   Do not expect the cosplayer to perform in character for you

Keep it brief

o   Be aware that there may be others waiting to take snaps and that the cosplayer is also at the show to have fun, let them enjoy their time with their friends and leave if they wish

Respect that Cosplay is fun and anyone can be any character they choose regardless of body type, race, whether they have a disability or not.

o   Don’t bring down others by telling them someone else did it better or that their costume is inaccurate because their skills are limited or they are different from the character physically

o   Do respect the craftsmanship and bravery for bringing the character to life, however they choose to do it