Lyte Ticket Exchange

What is Lyte?

MCM Comic Con has teamed up with Lyte to create a legitimate, safe, and official ticket exchange. 

Can no longer attend the show? You can now return sold-out ticket types to Lyte. Is the ticket you want already sold out? You can create a reservation through Lyte to buy a MCM ticket after the type you want has sold out. 

In buying from Lyte instead of the secondary market, MCM fans can help undercut scalpers, receive fairer prices, and be assured that you’re buying a genuine MCM ticket.

Why is MCM Using Lyte?

Our policy has always been that your ticket is non-refundable and non-resellable. So where does that leave you when an emergency comes up and you can’t attend? Or when your friend bails on you and you have an extra ticket? We wanted to make sure our MCM fans can get their money back for unused tickets, while also getting those tickets into the hands of other real fans. We believe Lyte is the best way to do this.

We also know scalping is one of your biggest frustrations when it comes to MCM ticket sales and having to go to the secondary market can be expensive and even scary. We’ve put as many systems as we can in place to stop scalping and working with Lyte will be another big step forward in combating scalpers, while at the same time increasing flexibility for our fans.

How Does It Work?

Through the Lyte Ticket Exchange, if you can’t come to MCM for whatever reason (we’ll miss you) and you have a sold-out MCM ticket, you can resell your ticket to Lyte and give another fan a chance to come to the show without being afraid they’re buying a fake ticket. If you’re looking for a sold-out ticket type, instead of going to a third-party website, you can put your name on the reservation list. Once a ticket becomes available, you’ll be able to purchase it!

There are more fine details you can read on the Lyte website, but we’re hoping this partnership will be a step in the right direction to diminish scalpers and get more fans into the show.

How Does Lyte Determine Ticket Prices?

Lyte's goal is to provide fans the best value option available for sold-out shows at the time of their return or request. To do that, they take into account supply (returns), demand (requests), and the prices on the secondary market and then provide the most competitive price for both sellers and buyers. This helps them undercut the secondary market.

Lyte is a service and there is a cost associated with providing it. Any variance in ticket prices allows Lyte to maintain functionality so that we can continue to offer official tickets to sold-out events and every person who wants to attend a sold-out event can.