MCM Comic Con is open to individuals of all abilities, we are dedicated to continually improving our efforts to ensure full access and we encourage all feedback and suggestions in order to improve your experience.

Request a Special Assistance Wristband

Our special assistance wristbands will help our staff and volunteers identify and assist anyone who might require additional support at our show. Anyone who needs it can request a special assistance wristband on-site in the accessibility lane at queue hall. The wristbands allow access to special assistance lines for entry to the venue, priority entry to the show floor, special assistance queues for Main Stage panels, and additional support for autographing and photo ops.

Carer Passes

Complimentary Carer Passes for MCM Birmingham are available for those fans who need special assistance. Any general, priority or weekend ticket holder can request an additional ticket for their carer to attend free of charge.

NEC Venue Accessibility information

The NEC aims to be fully user-friendly for visitors with access needs.

Assistance Dogs

The Equality Act 2010, (EA2012 section 173) lays out that in relation to protecting the rights of disabled people accessing private hire transport, an Assistance dog means:​

(a) a dog which has been trained to guide a blind person;​

(b) a dog which has been trained to assist a deaf person;​

(c) a dog which has been trained by a prescribed charity to assist a disabled person who has a disability that consists of epilepsy or otherwise affects the person’s mobility, manual dexterity, physical coordination or ability to lift, carry or otherwise move everyday objects;​

(d) a dog of a prescribed category which has been trained to assist a disabled person who has a disability (other than one falling within paragraph (c)) of a prescribed kind.​

To be permitted entry we will accept ANY valid form of supporting documentation. ​

Support Animal

Support animals may be an animal of any species that provides companionship and comfort to individuals with psychological disorders. The use MUST be supported by a qualified physician, psychiatrist, or other mental health professional based upon a disability-related need. It is your right to request the support of your animal on a day-to-day basis, but the reasonableness of this request will be decided by the venue directly. ​

No other dogs or pets are permitted in the venue.

Reset Room

The Reset Room can be found in the Organisers' Office 3A-4 (just inside the entrance to hall 3A) and is a dedicated spot for you to rest, relax and reset. Whether you’re feeling anxious, overstimulated, or just need a moment by yourself, our Gaming the Mind volunteers will help you recharge and get back to enjoying the convention. They’ll be happy to have a chat, provide lo-fi activities to help you unwind, or even supply further information on managing your mental health. 

If you feel like you, or someone you’re with, requires emergency medical assistance whilst at the show, please don’t hesitate to alert a staff member or visit the Organiser’s Office, who’ll be able to get you the help you need. Remember, you’re not in this alone!

Navigating Queues

We realise that for some, standing and waiting for long periods of time is not possible. For that reason, MCM Birmingham has dedicated queues for those requiring special assistance.

Show Entry 

Head to hall 3 for Queue Hall and use our accessibility lane. You’ll be able to pick up your wristband for the show, plus a special assistance wristband.


Reserved seating is available for those who need it at both the Main and Live stage on a first come first serve basis. There will be a separate queue for accessibility at the Main Stage.

Photo Ops/Autographs

There will be accessible queuing for special guests. Please let a member of staff, crew or steward know if you require assistance. 


Carer Pass applications are now open. Please note you need to purchase a weekend, general or priority ticket in order to qualify for a complimentary pass for your carer.

If you are arriving by private car and have your Blue Badge with you, you will be directed to the nearest disabled car park - where you can be dropped off and picked up at the end of your visit. Please be aware that the NEC is a private site.

The NEC aims to be fully user-friendly for visitors with access needs. Read more here.

Wheelchairs are available free of charge for blue badge holders and £5 for all other visitors. The number of wheelchairs the NEC has available is limited, so if you’ve got your own, please bring it with you.

Accessible toilets and changing facilities are available in the walkway between halls 3A and 4. See the full map here.

Yes! The Reset Room can be found in the Organisers' Office 3A-4 (just inside the entrance to hall 3A) and is a dedicated spot for you to rest, relax and reset. A separate quiet room is available right beside it. See the full map here.

Yes, select panels will be equipped with a BSL interpreter. See the full schedule here.

We’re happy to help so you can focus on having the best weekend of the year. If you have questions for the venue on accessibility at NEC please contact via this page or if you have questions about the show, get in touch with the MCM team at [email protected]