28-29 September 2019 SEC Glasgow

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MCM Comic Con Scotland 2019 begins in:

The show doesn’t air on ITV2 until early October but you’ll be able to watch the first 13 minutes of the first episode (that’s up to the first ad break) as part of MCM’s Sneak Peeks presentation.

Zomboat! unleashes a zombie invasion onto the streets of Birmingham, as four survivors make their escape on the most unlikely of vessels – Dorothy, a narrow boat on the Grand Union Canal.

In the six-part series, Jo (Downton Abbey and Crazyhead’s Cara Theobold) is back in town after working a season as a club rep, and moved back in with her sister Kat (Boy Meets Girl’s Leah Brotherhead) – Kat loves a conspiracy theory, and claims that the zombie apocalypse that's under way is very real. Joining them on board Dorothy are upbeat fitness fanatic Amar (Ryan McKen from White Dragon and Save Me), and his pessimistic oldest friend Sunny (Hamza Jeetoa, who you'll recognise from recent Doctor Who episode ‘Demons of the Punjab’).

How will they survive in close confinement with a zombie apocalypse unfolding outside? This is your chance to find out with a very first look at an exciting new British TV show...


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