28-29 September 2019 SEC Glasgow

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MCM Comic Con Scotland 2019 begins in:

If you’re a fan of movies, TV, comics, books or games, there’s a good chance that these are the sort of mind-bending conundrums that keep you awake at night. But fear not, MCM Scotland is here to help, because we’ve assembled a crack team of pop culture experts to debate burning issues from the many worlds of fandom. Welcome to MCM’S Big Questions.

You can catch the panel at 12pm on Saturday 28 September at MCM Scotland. Joining us to navigate these and other minefields of geekery are:

And if you’ve got a melon-twisting pop culture question that’s that you’d like to put to the panel, then tweet us @MCMComicCon using the hashtag #MCMBigQuestions. After all, Big Questions deserve Big Answers.

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