Here’s what happened in 2018. Stay tuned for updates!

What’s not to love about finding other people who share your passion? If you are looking to arrange a fan meet at the show, register the details via the form at the foot of this page.
This is the proposed list of activities arranged by fans, for other fans. The name (or nickname) of the organiser is included, along with the time and name of the meet. There are also links for more information- useful to check for updates and changes that may happen at short notice.

12:00 My Hero Academia Meet katrina
12:30 Xenoblade Chronicles Meet Blaze
13:00 Love Live Meet yowarasei
13:00 DC Universe Meet & Photo Op BatmanEarthMCR
13:00 Star Wars Meet & Photo Op Ian
13:00 Kids Next Door Meet Ace
13:00 Voltron Legendary Defender Meet Mathias
13:00 Disney Meet Dream away codplay
13:30 Princess Leia Group (Tribute to Carrie Fisher) Ian
14:00 Homestuck Meet Admin Vriska
14:00 The Adventure Zone Meet Jenny
14:00 Danganronpa Meet Maddie
14:00 Vocaloid Meet mikumeeks
14:00 Disney Meet Dream away cosplay
14:30 Overwatch Meet Ren
12:00 Disney Meet katrina
12:45 K-pop Meet Kas
13:00 DC Universe Meet & Photo Op BatmanEarthMCR
13:00 Medieval & Fantasy Meet Ian
13:00 Love Live Meet Maddie
13:00 Cinderella and Aurora Meet Dream away cosplay
14:00 RWBY Meet Mercray
14:00 Disney Meet Dream away cosplay


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