Cosplay Central

Cosplay is a massive part of every MCM Comic Con! Children & adults alike dress up to display their love for their favourite characters. So if you’re considering attending in cosplay as your favourite superhero, anime or video game character, Lord of the Rings hobbit or Jedi from Star Wars – you won’t be alone! At MCM Comic Con, you’re in good company.

Cosplay Central

Don’t miss the Cosplay Central stage with a host of panels about everything cosplay from members of the cosplay community!

Cosplay Central’s dedicated team of volunteers also provide assistance to cosplayers, from changing areas to supplies for emergency costume repairs and admin support for the Cosplay Masquerades. You don’t have to be taking part in a Masquerade to make use of these facilities though– they’re open to anyone attending Comic Con in costume!

Please note: Due to safety and security issues we will no longer be able to assist cosplayers with baggage storage, please use the cloakrooms provided by the venue. If you have a particularly large costume or prop you may need assistance with at the show please get in touch with the Cosplay Team in advance to discuss if we can assist you:

Casual Cosplay Showcase

We know cosplay isn’t all serious competitions and months of crafting, sometimes you just want to channel your favorite character!

The Casual Cosplay Showcase is a fun and friendly catwalk on the Cosplay Central Stage for anyone who wants to show their love of a character through cosplay. Open to everyone, of all ages, even if you’ve bought your costume or assembled it from your normal wardrobe. Sign up on the day (Saturday or Sunday) before 13:00 at Cosplay Central.

Selfie Stations/Photo Sets

Stop by for can’t-miss photo opportunities at our MCM Photo Sets located in Cosplay Central. Whether you’re in costume or not, you won’t want to miss this year’s incredible backdrops. Featuring a forest, a cherry blossom tree, Platform 9 ¾, Captain America’s shield, Thor’s hammer, the Iron Throne and a Halloween-themed scene. Available all weekend!

Cosplay Masquerades

The ever-popular Cosplay Masquerades are held on both Saturday and Sunday on the Main Stage. They give cosplayers the chance to showcase their handmade costumes and amazing performances in front of a packed audience. There are prizes for Best Costume and Best Performance but cosplayers are free to take part just for fun if they do not wish to be judged. It is free to participate in it or to watch!  For the latest on masquerade rules learn more.

Registrations for London open 6th September.
Costume Display registration:

Performance Applications close 29th September.
Performance Applications registration:

Check back here for more details or email us at with questions.

What's Happening In Cosplay Central?

In addition to all the great resources for cosplayers of all types, Cosplay Central is also home to a stage featuring programming all weekend long! How-tos, community panels, workshops and more await you. Here’s some highlights of things happening on the Cosplay Central Stage:

Working with leather with COSMIC WORKSHOP

Join Jules of Cosmic Workshop as she guides you through the skills and tools you'll need for using leather in your cosplay.

Henna Art 101

Mehndi (henna) has been used in South Asian culture for generations. Mariam is a cosplayer who uses this part of her cultural heritage to compliment her costumes and she'd like to show you how you can do the same! There will be discussion around history cultural context and cosplay usage followed by a live demonstration.

Armour Making for New Adventures

Ever wanted to make armour for cosplay? Have no idea where to start? Does looking at foam make you really nervous? Never fear! Come along to armour making for new adventurers where we will cover the basics of making really cool armour for cosplay! We will cover building techniques and materials how to attach and paint armour and all the finnicky logistics of transporting and wearing it! Get ready for adventure!

Technology And Cosplay

As technology has grown so has cosplay and this panel covers the ways technology can help you meet your creative cosplay needs! Covering everything from embroidery machines and digitally printed fabrics to 3-D printing and light up effects we will talk you through where to start and how to bring previously commercial technology down to an accessible home level.

Check the MCM Comic Con London Panel Schedule for a full rundown of the Cosplay Central Stage!  

Costume, Weapons & Props Rules

Cosplay is welcome in all parts of the show however it is necessary to set some restrictions as it is a family-friendly event. Note in particular that metal blades (sharp or blunt), working projectile weapons, and wooden or metal bats & paddles are all forbidden. 

For more details on our weapons and props rules