25-27 October 2019 ExCeL London

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MCM Comic Con London 2019 begins in:

We’d love to work with you to bring your business to MCM Comic Con, there are some great benefits to choosing to exhibit with us;

  • Visitor numbers are increasing amongst our entire portfolio and we have big plans to drive growth across the MCM brand
  • Our fanbase covers a wide demographic of age groups and interests including; Film & TV, Comics, Manga, Anima, Cosplay, Video Games and all aspects of geek and collector culture. They love to come to our shows, and they love to see what’s new and what’s nostalgic in pop culture.
  • ReedPOP, new owners of MCM Comic Con, specialise in delivering world class celebrations of pop culture to fans globally. MCM is now a part of the family of geeky professionals who deliver New York Comic Con, Star Wars Celebration, the PAX game shows, plus high-profile pop events on five continents. Our global reach will bring new fans, new media interest, and new exposure for your business.
  • We’re investing in our Comic Villages across all shows, bringing respected artistic talent and fresh comic programming to audiences
  • We bring celebrity guests with huge followings amongst our broad pop culture audience, from A-list to cult favourites

It’s an exciting time to exhibit at MCM Comic Cons! 

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Are you in the correct place?

What is a Dealer/Sales Table?

A Dealer/Sales Table is a single 6 foot (1.8m) wide  x 2 foot (0.6096m) deep table (Unless you book more than 1) that you sell or display items from.

If you want to book, Stand or floor space then will need to visit the ‘Stands & Corporate’ Section:CLICK HERE

We now also offer Booths for dealers please follow this link for more information on dealer booths.

MCM London Comic Con BOOKING FORM & Floorplan:

CLICK HERE for MCM London Comic Con Booking Form & Plan

Floorplans for each show are included on the forms.

Dealer FAQ

Q How does the booking process work?
The booking process works as follows:

  • Follow the link above to our dealer booking system
  • Select the event you want to book for from the available shows
  • Read the instructions on the top of the form
  • Click the link to open the floor plan
  • If you have your dealer code fill it in and push the Pre-fill Form button, alternatively provide the information under Step 1.
  • Select the location you wish to book under Step 2. Only locations that are available to book will show. If you wish to add more tables within the same block and require another row for input, click [Add more Tables for this block]
  • Once you have selected your location, select your optional extra’s under Step 3.
  • Once completed click the “calculate cost” button to give you an overview of what you have select and the associated costs. Please take note of the early payment deadline.
  • Read the Terms & Conditions and tick the box if you agree. Please keep in mind we cannot take your booking if you do not agree with our terms and conditions.
  • Click on the Submit button to send us your order.
  • The Dealer department will review your order and once it has been accepted you will be sent a confirmation email which contains an overview of your booking and a link to your payment gateway.
  • Follow the link to the payment gateway and pay at least the minimum deposit (50%) of the total amount without discounts. Please ensure you make this payment within 24hrs after receiving the confirmation email or your booking will be cancelled.

If you wish to take advantage of our early payment discount please ensure you pay the full balance of your booking before the early payment deadline. Please be aware that ensuring your pay before the deadline is your responsibility.

Q Can I become a dealer?
A Dealer tables are open to a wide variety of people. As long as your products fit the theme of our show, are legal to sell in the UK to the public attending and you are willing to comply to any & all regulations regarding the sales of good & services, either based in law, the event location’s policies or MCM Expo Group’s policies, you can be a dealer at one of our events. Please be aware that there are additional restrictions on products of an adult nature, weapons and foods and we strongly recommend anyone who wants to sell these types of products at out events to contact us before booking.

Q How do I book?
A Follow the link above to the Dealer Booking Forms & select the event you wish to book for. Follow the instructions on the form. Once you have completed your booking the dealer booking team will check over your booking and once it’s accepted you will receive a confirmation email. This email contains an overview of your booking and a link to our secure payment gateway. Please follow this link and pay at least a 50% deposit within 24 hours so we can reserve your location.

Q What is the size of a dealer table?
A The size of a table is 6ft (1800mm) x 2ft (600mm), and the height is 2ft 5in (730) mm.

Q What is the difference between a centre and a perimeter table?
When looking at the floorplan certain tables are backed up against the walls these are perimeter tables. All other tables are centre tables and have no wall behind them and generally have a stand directly behind you facing the other way.

Q What is a backing table?
A A backing table is a second table equal in size to your main table which is placed behind doubling your sales surface space from 6 x 2ft to 6ft x 4ft (This table can only be used behind your main table, NOT at the side or anywhere else)

Q Is the floor plan as shown on the booking site final?
A All floor plans are preliminary copies and may change in the run up to an event. Although we take the utmost care when providing you with the information during the booking process, due to the nature of the event changes to the floor plan are unavoidable. As changes to the floor plan happen frequently we do not send out notifications of these changes.Changes to the floor plan are no grounds for cancelling your order. If due to the floor plan change your location is no longer available we will strive to provide you with a location of equal or greater cost.

Q Can I bring my own tables?
A No you can only use tables supplied by MCM Expo

Q Can I use my own grid wall / clothes rails?
A Yes you can use your own grid wall/clothes rails etc as long as you stay within your area.

Q Is there a height restriction?
A Yes, any display that exceeds 3m high must be notified in advance.

Q What can I sell?
A Anything as long as its legal in this country. If food is included you need to contact us first.
All displays must be in good taste and reflect a family friendly environment.

Q How many chairs do I get?
A You get one chair per table booked.

Q Can I have stock delivered directly to the venue?
A Yes but please email for more information.

Q How many dealer wristbands come with my booking?
A The general rule of thumb is your main tables + 1. For example: 1 table 2 wristbands, 2 tables, 3 wristbands etc. These are wristbands and stay on the whole three days of the event.

Q Can I buy more dealer wristbands?
A Yes – they are available at the time of booking, alternatively contact dealers@mcmexpo.net to add them later on.

Q I have different people helping during the different days of the event, can we share wristbands?
A No, wristbands are valid for the entire event but cannot be shared.

Q I have more wristbands with my booking than I actually need can I give my spare wristbands to someone else?
A No, wristbands are non-transferable.

Q When is set up?
A Set up is from 2pm Thursday of the event and 7.30am to 9.30am on the Friday.

Q Do I get a parking pass?
A Due to changes at Excel parking in 2012 parking is no longer included in the dealer location. A discounted parking pass can be purchased if ordered in advanced.

Q Can I use clamps, screws to fix to the table to create displays?
A You can use clamps to fix displays, rack etc., to a table BUT you must NOT use any fixings that screw into or damage the table in anyway. You will be charged the FULL price of replacing a table if any damage is caused.

Q What can I use to create a display on the wall behind my table?
A You may not damage or mark the wall. However, you can use blue-tack, white-tack or double sided velcro, as long as you ensure no residue is left on the wall. You will be charged for any damage or cleaning costs.

Q Do MCM supply table covers?
A No, MCM does NOT supply table covers. You must supply these and ALL tables must be covered.

Q If something gets stolen or broken am I covered on MCM insurance?
A No you would not be covered on MCM insurance. You will have to arrange your own insurance cover.

Q What do we do with our stock when the show closes for the day?
In most cases is suffices to cover up your wares. With the exception of activities in the main theatre no members of the public are allowed in the hall after closing. The people in the main theatre will be guided out via the main walkway and are not allowed to roam amongst the stalls. Security is also present after the show closes, however, we cannot take any responsibility for your goods.

Q What do we do with our stock after the show finishes?
Please ensure you take all your belongings. If you cannot take all your goods and materials with you for whatever reason please make arrangements with one of the storage providers who can safely store your goods for you to pick up at a later date. Everything left in the hall after breakdown will be cleared and considered to be trash.

Q I changed my mind and want to cancel my booking, can I get my money back?
No, all booking are final, non-refundable and non-transferable.

Q So tell me more about these new dealer booths.
We are trailing a new type of stand, the dealer booth. Over the years we have had many enquiries from dealers about enhancing the look of their stand. With this new stand type, which falls between an exhibitor space and a dealer location, we hope to facilitate this.


These new locations are considerably larger, and come in a variety of sizes, compared to normal dealer locations and come with shell wall included. We will also provide a sign with your company name if required. Within this space you are free to design stand and if you require more space you can even book multiple adjoining spaces to increase your stands footprint.

A limited number of dealer booths will be on sale. For exact prices & further details please check the booking form.

Q What does a dealer block look like?
For standard dealer tables we provide a table and a chair. The tables are either positions in a row along the perimeter or in a block which generally consists of 10 – 18 tables. Each dealer location is assigned its own space to ensure that there are exists and walkways.

Here is an example of a 18 table block and it’s clearings. Other size blocks are set up in a similar way.

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