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*Incoming Transmission*

Brand new for 2018, we’re excited to announce the launch of CreatorScape – MCM’s brand new creator zone. Replacing VidFest as the home of online goodness, we’ll be welcoming a host on bloggers, vloggers, artists and makers to meet fans, share merch and hit the stage to talk all about their projects.


CreatorScape Guests


Comedy and cartoons from Thomas ‘TomSka’ Ridgewell
Hey there! My name Is Spammals and I’m a content creator on YouTube and Twitch

Game Hog, home of the Hamily, is a Comedy Video Game YouTube channel run by Ed Templer.
I create art videos inspired by fantasy, sci-fi, pop culture, tv/movies/games and more!

A channel which discusses, supposes and muses
all things Dragon Ball.
Luke and James Play
We are a death defying, co-op mastering duo who make the vids & streams on the Internets for Funzies

Shaina West//The Samurider
Self-taught martial artist and aspiring stunt actor
Comic Artist from England! Big fan of cartoons, video games, brush pens, watercolours, ASMR and bats.

Eddsworld follows the brave adventures of
Edd and his troubling group of friends as they
tackle zombies, demons, clones and everyday life. 
Final Boss Fight
An awesome, independent gaming website staffed by retro-obsessed gamers with
a penchant for the classics and an optimistic glance to the future.



A partnered Twitch Streamer who specialises in VRChat with the side of other gaming & arty content.
Armoured Brownies
Cosplay Creator, Monster Sculptor and General Maker trying to encourage others to try themselves.



Cops and Monsters
A supernatural web series with a bite!

The crazy adventures of Lucy, Ben, and Kate! From the team behind asdfmovie!



Magician Belle
A magical illustrator based in London!



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