Hey everyone! We want to say thank you again for your patience as we reviewed our checkout process. We have put together a quick guide below of the steps you can take to make sure the process is as quick and stress free as possible.

  1. Create an account in our store with your details saved. Here you can save your name, email address, phone number, and address. We recommend registering the same address that your payment card is registered to, to avoid any issues with the payment process. The billing address has to be the same as the card holder’s.

2. Register for Apple Pay or Google Pay as this is the quickest check out method.

3. In the case of you not having access to Apple Pay or Google Pay, then make sure you have your card details on hand. Again, please note that the billing address has to be the same as the card holders. 

4. Keep your phone with you in case of the rare instance where your bank requires you to receive a verification code.

5. Please be aware that until you are at the “Payment Method” section of the checkout page your item is not reserved, so the quicker you can complete this process the more likely you are to successfully purchase a ticket. 
This is something that we are currently unable to change, but are reviewing it for the future.

On Wednesday 10th April a link will be emailed to you between 2pm-2:45pm. At 3pm this link will allow you to purchase a maximum of 2 photo ops.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding, and good luck tomorrow!

Team MCM x

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