mgb-facebook-twitter-and-instagram-graphicHello! Great to meet some other lovers of all things geeky. We’re My Geek Box and we’ll be at London Comic Con this weekend, bringing a tonne of mystery boxes with us. We had an amazing time in Glasgow, and expect London to be just as great!

My Geek Box is a geeky subscription box that sends amazing gear to your door every month. Our box items are hand-picked by a team of super geeks, determined to have epic items coming your way on a monthly basis.

Our selection of boxes has grown recently, ensuring you find the perfect box for your geeky needs. Whether it’s our brand new Lite box that gives a geeky shot for only £9.99, or our Kids box that is tailored to your little padowan in training, My Geek Box has something for everyone!

We’re keen to build our online community and have you play a part. Whether it’s on Facebook sharing hilarious pictures, or getting ready to launch our blog with articles and discussions, My Geek Box will be the hub of all things geeky. Follow us on social media to have a laugh with us and stay up to date on new boxes.

Come and say hi at stall 3222 for the chance to get boxes at discounted prices, exclusive to Comic Con attendees. Are you ready to get your geek on, London?

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Twitter: @mygeekbox
Instagram: @mygeekbox

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