yuri_lowenthal_mcm_comiccon-articleAs well as meeting fans and hosting panels at MCM London Comic Con, top voice artists Yuri Lowenthal (Naruto, Tiger & Bunny) and Tara Platt (Naruto, 5 Centimetres Per Second) will also be showing their new movie at the show. And, fittingly enough, Con Artists is all about the comic con experience itself!


tara_platt_mcm_comiccon-articleThe movie sees documentary filmmaker Boris Kievsky accompany Yuri and Tara through a year of attending science-fiction, anime, comic book and fantasy conventions. Over the course of his journey, Boris learns a great deal about a world that most people don’t see, including what it means to be famous in the comic con ‘bubble’. But after setting out to capture the joy and excitement of the con, Boris also inadvertently captures the dark side of the con artist lifestyle – even as he’s blinded by the promise of fame for himself.

Con Artists will be screened at 5pm on the Friday of MCM London Comic Con. To find out more about the film, visit http://conartistsmovie.com

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