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Cosplay is one of the most important aspects of MCM Hannover Comic Con, and we encourage everyone who wishes to take part.

Below you’ll find out everything you need to know about taking part in the Masquerade, and contact detail for the team if you need an answer to anything you can’t find.

cosplay at mcm hannover comic con

Register to take part in the Cosplay Competition here.

Download the MCM Costume Weapons and Props Rules HERE.

You may also want to note the photography rules listed at the foot of our Terms & Conditions.

cosplay at mcm hannover comic con

Cosplay is welcome in all parts of the show however it is necessary to set some restrictions as it is a family show. Please read the Costume, Weapons & Props Rules for more details. Note in particular that metal blades (sharp or blunt), working projectile weapons, and wooden or metal bats & paddles are all forbidden.

The MCM Comic Cons have many people attending in costume. Children & adults alike dress up to display their love for their favourite characters. So if you are worried that you might be alone if you were to cosplay as your favourite superhero, anime or videogame character, elf from Lord of the Rings or Jedi from Star Wars- don’t! You’re in good company.

cosplay at mcm hannover comic con

MCM provide a wide range of support for cosplayers at the show including supplies tools & assistance for repairs, bag storage, changing areas, and last but not least large competitions on stage- the Cosplay Masquerades. Email the Team or speak to them at the Cosplay Desk if you have any queries.

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