4pm     Mike Bithell Present Volume

Thomas Was Alone creator, Mike Bithell, will be kicking off proceedings on the Games Stage with a look at some brand new Volume content. He’ll also be on hand to answer all your burning questions

5pm      The ‘Project Cars’ Fastest Lap Challenge

The Resero Fastest Lap Challenge returns, this time with Slightly Mad Studios and Namco’s next-gen racer, Porject Cars, Turn up, race on the big stage and if you’re good enough, be in with the chance to take home a sweet prize. It’s as simple as that.

6pm      Resero Presents: DC Douglas, Resident Evil’s Wesker & Mass Effect’s Legion

DC Douglas has spent the last 7 years becoming gaming’s quintessential bad guy, Albert Wesker, from the Resident Evil franchise. But he’s not evil all the time. DC Joins us on stage to talk about his experiences with Wesker, how he became Mass Effect’s Legion and more. He’s also Tekken’s Eddy Gordon, and Raven, you know?

12pm     Let’s Play Live: Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris

Saturday starts as it means to go on, and that’s with frenetic next-gen gameplay. The Resero chaps will take to the stage at lunchtime to jump into the upcoming 4-player co-op game, Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris. Expect laughs, shenanigans, and judging by our usual co-op antics, plenty of backstabbery.

1pm      Resero Presents: Video Game’s Posh & Becks – Laura Bailey & Travis Willingham

Video game voice actor husband and wife duo, Laura Bailey & Travis Willingham, will be stepping onto the Games Stage to talk about their prestigious careers. Willingham has voiced Superman, Green Goblin, Guile, Dormammu, Hulk, Knuckles and more, while Bailey has voiced Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Chun Li, Lady Cornstock, Gears of Wars’ Alex Brand and more, so there’s plenty to talk about!

2pm      Techland Presents Dying Light

From the studio behind Dead Island comes Dying Light, the evolution of the zombie action-survival game. Techland will present an exciting look at the co-operative gameplay, zombie smashing action, as well as the terrifying ‘Be The Zombie’ mode where your game can be invaded by a player controlled ‘Night Hunter’ zombie!

3pm      The Geometry Wars 3 High Score Challenge

For years people have screamed for a Geometry Wars sequel, and soon that dream will come a reality. In the meantime, we’re giving away some awesome prizes for the highest scores in the originally named “Geometry Wars 3 High Score Challenge.” Do you have what it takes? Then be sure to come and get involved.

4pm      Resident Evil Revelations 2 Gameplay Demo

Resident Evil: Revelations rocked onto the 3DS in 2012 and delighted fans with its classic Resident Evil gameplay. One year later, the HD version shipped. One year after that, the sequal on next-gen and current-gen platforms was announced. Neil ‘Gortz’ Gorton, Capcom UK’s Community Manager, joins us on the Games Stage to show off some sexy next-gen gameplay to soak up. Prepare to be scared. Very scared.

5pm      Techland Presents Hellraid

A unique blend of dynamic FPP combat and classic hack’n’slash action that pits up to four players against the armies of hell, Hellraid explodes onto the Games Stage with a exclusive look at the game and audience Q&A with developer Techland.

12pm     TT Games Presents LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

TT Games’ Phill Ring and Arthur Parsons will be on hand to give MCM London Comic Con attendees a look at the upcoming LEGO Batman 3. With gameplay, an audience Q&A and the chance to win an actual real-life LEGO Batman statue, it’s a session you can’t afford to miss.

1pm      Let’s Play Live: Sunset Overdrive

Join the Resero editorial team as we delve into the first hour or so of the upcoming Xbox One exclusive, Sunset Overdrive. We’ll run you through the basics of the game, show you some funky weapons and rack up some seriously cool parkour combos, plus much more. We’ll also be on hand to answer your Qs and will invite a lucky select few onto the stage to play it as well.

2pm      18 Years In The Making: Resident Evil HD Gameplay Demo With Special Guest, DC Douglas

18 years ago Resident Evil romped into our homes and ushered in a new era of video games. Here we are, 18 years later, and Capcom are preparing to allow us to do it all over again, but this time in HD! Capcom UK’s Community guru, Neil ‘Gortz’ Gorton joins us on stage as we get our nostalgia on. The cherry on the cake? DC Douglas (the new Wesker) will be on hand to get involved in some shenanigans with us too!

3pm      Video Game Voice Actor Triple Threat – Robin Atkin Downes, Lex Lang & Sandy Fox

Between them, Robin, Lex, and Sandy have voiced hundreds of diferent video games. They’ve appeared in Metal Gear, Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy, Mass Effect, SoulCalibur, Star Ocean, and many more. They join us to take ours and your questions for this leisurely Sunday session.

4pm      Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Gameplay Demo

Final Fantasy fans rejoice, as Final Fantasy returns to the MCM London Comic Con. Square Enix Community Manager, Dan Seto, will be taking to the Games Stage to do a live demonstration of the newly announced HD version, coming to next-gen platforms in 2015, in what is the game’s first public UK showing. It’s set to be a treat, so do come along.