When booking you have different options, please read below to see what option suits your requirements.

1) Space ONLY,
This means you are booking space only with no services & plan to manage your own stand build.

2) Booth Area,
These are supplied with shell wall or Velcro compatible walls, booth walls will be supplied on 3 sides of a stand unless requested otherwise. If you book a corner or end booth you may wish to be open  on 2 or even 3 sides.

3) Catering Location,
All catering requests are subject to approval in advance by the NEC and our Food Hygiene Consultant, this process is not difficult, you will simply need to supply information in advance and conform to the NEC’s standards.

For some catering you may need a preparation area with sink and separate hand washing sink. These are supplied as a shared option on some locations or as an additional option should you require.

PLEASE NOTE, unless stated power is NOT included in ANY booking, additional services such as power, rigging, & internet can be ordered from the relevant contractors in advance. Late orders will be subject to a surcharge based on the contractors terms.

Complex stands or ones exceeding 4m please supply drawings and information a minimum of 14 days before the show date to anna.anson You may require a structural sign off.  There is a charge for this service.

For more information on pricing and opportunities, please contact the team on 01327 878 936 or email us at with what you are looking to do and we will contact you to discuss this further

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