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Cosplay Experts & Tutorials


Poly-Props Ltd, a brand of cosplay crafting materials, have been developing their own products of craft epic-ness since 2015. Joined by the Crafting Legends, a clan of community and industry artists who are on a mission to perfect their craft, Poly-Props delivers and interactive, fun and engaging experience to members of the community of all ages and cosplay craft experience.


Stage Schedule

Stay tuned for announcements on the Cosplay Stage schedule!




Priority Entry Panel – 9:15AM Host Chris Paul opens the weekend with an overview of the upcoming content on the cosplay stage
Kenny Cosplay: Changing Faces – 10AM  

Embody your favourite characters and take your cosplay makeup to the next level with tips and tricks from contouring to eyebrow coverage. They’ll have to look twice!


501st Legion UK Garrison – 11AM  

The 501st Legion is an international fan-based organisation dedicated to the construction and wearing of screen-accurate replicas of Imperial Stormtrooper armour, Sith Lords, and other villains from the Star Wars universe. Find out more about the characters they portray, their costumes and why they are known worldwide as “Bad Guys, doing Good!”


Let’s Chat – 11:45AM  

Learn the secrets behind growing your social media presence and professional cosplay.


Hellboy Cosplay Competition – 1PM  

We see the best Hellboy themed cosplay out there, with an amazing prize up for grabs!


Steampunk – 2:15PM  

Come and hear from the talented folks from Steampunk Emporium with a unique Steampunk inspired approach to cosplay and crafting.


Craft Off – 2:45PM  

Two cosplay legends battle it out to craft a prop piece worthy of battle!


Kenny Cosplay: Changing Faces – 4PM  

Removing common mistakes from foam to create a smoother finish.
Sanding techniques, hiding seams, foam clay demo.






Drack Cosplay: How to keep
your armour on – 9:15AM

A talk on strapping for your armour to keep everything where it should be. I will be discussing different armour attachment methods for practicality and comfort.


Drack Cosplay: Template Making – 10:15AM  

A talk on how to make custom templates for your cosplay. Both armour and prop templates will be covered.


R2 Builders Club – 11AM Founded in 1999, the R2-D2 Builders Club has continually striven to develop an accurate resource for reproducing the lovable Star Wars droid. Current membership stands at over 7,100 members from all over the world. Come and find out how these machines are made and why they continue to be such an important part of the Star Wars universe.
Steampunk – 12PM  

Come and hear from the talented folks from Steampunk Emporium with a unique Steampunk inspired approach to cosplay and crafting.


Casual Cosplay – 1PM  

A fun and friendly showcase of the casual side of cosplay

Drack Cosplay: Working with Foam – 2:15PM  

A demonstration on how to foam craft without the need for expensive power tools. I will be covering perfect seams, bevel cuts, tips and tricks to give that professional look



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