Journey on upon an unforgettable adventure in the land of the Pharaohs, a thrilling story that bursts into life with ancient tombs, villains and heroes, a  quest for eternal life and an underlying plot of hope against all odds…


Terry Jervis, the owner and creator of Spirit of the Pharaoh, is a former BBC and Motown executive and has had many hit TV shows (Top Gear, Making of Batman, Star Trek live and tour…to name a few).

Spirit of the Pharaoh is an adventure set in London. It has been described as “Stargate meets Indiana Jones.” It is a story of magic versus technology. Good versus evil, wealth and power in the search for the secrets of the Afterlife and immortality. 

There will be a display of Ancient Egyptian inspired jewellery (made by the Royal Medallist to The Queen). The jewellery was made for the live action movie. Worth over £1.5 million, there four amazing pieces to see: The Golden Ankh, The Gold and Silk Eye of Horus necklace, The Diamond Scarab pendant and the Ring of Navigation. This is a rare display and a must see!

A perfect photo opportunity with all 5 superheros! Pick up your graphic novel (script to movie) and merchandise at: Stand number 1236

Come and meet the creator, film/TV producer Terry Jervis over the weekend who will be signing his graphic novel. Want to be involved in the forthcoming movie. See you there!

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