1. Embrace your cosplay side.













Whether you’re a seasoned vet or completely new to cosplay, MCM Birmingham welcomes you with open arms. So, if you are worried that you might be alone if you were to cosplay as your favourite superhero, anime idol, or videogame character- don’t! You’re in good company.

If you’re feeling brave, why not sign up to take part in our Cosplay Masquerade! Battle it out with fellow cosplayers and parade your creation for all to see! The Cosplay Masquerade takes place on both the Saturday and Sunday of the show, and it is free to participate in or to watch!

2. Join the legion with the UK Garrison!













We are delighted to welcome back our favourites the UK Garrison, a section of the constantly growing 501st Legion, aka the largest costuming organisation in the world!

You can catch sight of them at MCM Birmingham Comic Con, as they parade their high standard ‘movie accurate’ costumes and share invaluable knowledge on everything Empire.

3. Take photos with your fave stars from TV, Films, Games, & Comics!













We have an epic line-up of special guests ranging from Guardians of The Galaxy, to Supernatural, to old time classics like Blake’s 7. Whatever it is you love, we can guarantee there is a special guest for you!

Meet your idols and get the perfect keepsake to remember it by, autograph and photoshoot tickets are available to purchase at the event!
Check out our full line-up here!

4. MCM Focus Group













Been attending MCM for ages? New to the show but have some great ideas? There is nothing more important to us than your feedback, and we want to hear your opinions! Take part in our official focus group, share your thoughts, and receive complimentary tickets to another MCM show of your choice!

Apply here to register for MCM’s official focus group

5. Free panels













All our panels at MCM are as free as they are epic. No need for special passes or pre-registration, simply rock up, take a seat, and be wowed with our Special Guest Q&A’s, diverse panel content, and epic cosplay competitions!

Check out our Main Stage & Live Stage schedules here

6. Robots Live








That’s right! It’s the mechanical metal robots from the hit TV series Robot Wars! Experience the excitement of the robots fighting LIVE in a purpose made arena on the show floor all weekend.

7. Bear-y exciting! Experience Build-A-Bear Workshop


















From teddy bear picnics to battling the dark side, or from sleepovers to saving the world, discover and bring to life your perfect furry friend when Build-A-Bear Workshop lands at MCM Birmingham Comic Con!

8. Take a stroll down the streets of Comic Village













The aim of Comic Village is simple, to bring together comic creators of all styles, mediums, and levels to join in one equal space to celebrate what we love.

2018’s Comic Village will play host to it’s first ever special guests from the art world. Featured guests give insight through interactive panels & commissions and join the heart of talented independent artists.

9. Streamers Connected













Gaming just got even bigger at MCM Birmingham Comic Con! Not only are the voice actors behind Overwatch AND Uncharted’s Nolan North & Troy Baker joining us, but Streamers Connected are getting us gaming!
Join them for a range of playable games with cool tech (including Virtual Reality) & the chance to meet leading gamers & experts at their streaming booth.

10. Hang out with your pals













Last but not least, MCM is the place to hang out with your pals. Whether they are your next door neighbour or live 5 hours away, meet up with your friends and spend some quality time together at Comic Con!

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