MCM Birmingham Comic Con brings you ‘ROBOTS LIVE’

They’re back at MCM Birmingham Comic Con – it’s the mechanical metal robots from the hit TV series Robot Wars!

Experience the EXCITEMENT of the Robots fighting LIVE in a purpose made arena on the show floor all weekend. Watch as the speed rises and the robots battle it out to become the winner!

Robots Live! was started back in 2007 to give the opportunity of giving audiences a chance to see robot combat live. Put together by a family team, ‘Team MAD’ Robots Live was born from years of experience in robot combat and the entertainment industry bringing these two components together brings a unique live action, family show, for fans of TVs Robot Wars and Battlebots.

Robot combat covers a wide range of challenges for the builders, from designing a unique robot to making it reliable in battle. Teams vary from jet engine and rocket engineers to plumbers and IT consultants, everybody has their own way of building and designing to cater for their skill set, meaning no robot is ever the same.

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