27-28 June 2020 The NEC

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MCM Comic Con Birmingham 2020 begins in:

Fancy flinging energy balls around like you’re a character in Street Fighter or Dragon Ball? Want to play the first e-sport to fully blend augmented reality with real-world athletics? Then come to MCM Birmingham this March and have a crack at HADO - an epic new techno sport from Japan that sees teams duking it out in fast-paced dodgeball battles.

Played on a special court located in the PopAsia zone, HADO sees two teams of up to three players battle each other in a series of frenetic 80-second rounds, attempting to shoot their opponents with customisable energy balls while skilfully evading incoming attacks or blocking them with rechargeable energy shields and barriers.

Hosted by Grange Live Gaming, MCM Birmingham’s HADO experience is a glimpse at the future of physical e-sports, with wireless head-mounted displays and wrist motion sensors giving players the ability to move freely within a real-world battle arena. Plus you get to chuck crackling balls of energy at your mates, which is something we’re always up for!

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