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Belgian Whovians United was founded in 2012, and is currently one of the biggest fandoms in Belgium. This is partially because of our dedication to provide our members with a fun, safe and inclusive online environment where they can interact, share articles or fan art, and discuss Doctor Who and its affiliates with people who are just as excited about the show as they are, and the work we put in to present our members with interesting & fun activities where they can meet and interact with each other IRL throughout the year.

As a point of pride, we have a booth at all major conventions in Belgium. We are very excited to add MCM to that list. The BWU booth has become a recognisable feature at any Belgian convention, so much so that it is used as a meet up place for Whovians. The booth offers fans the possibility to have their picture taken with our TARDIS and other props (for free), get more information on Doctor Who & BWU, and discuss the show and its affiliates with fellow fans.

Like every year, there will be people in Doctor Who cosplay at our booth, who are available for photo ops as well as more information about the show & BWU. We also provide an array of props from the show that people can take pictures with.

We also plan several cosplay shoots at our TARDIS throughout the two days of the convention. Traditionally, those are a “Doctors” shoot, a “Companions” shoot, and a “Villains” shoot.
Each day is ended by taking a fandom group picture (location to be determined).

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