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Fluff ‘n Tuff is an online shop that specializes in cute and funny products. They are most known for their Japanese inspired style, funny shirts and cute accessories.

Check out these popular shirts and adorable jewellery on the website ( and make sure to pay them a visit as they have several awesome convention promos! You can find them at MCM Belgium Comic Con, Stand #715.


Fluff ‘n Tuff is an online business located in Belgium. The founder, Sara Kiss, started the company 5 years ago, wanting to share her hobby with others. Specializing in cute, adorable and funny products whilst inspired by Japanese styles, fashion and culture, she strives to offer you original and quality merchandise, professionally printed products as well as unique handmade items! Every product is made with great love and care, and shipped carefully to guarantee its safe arrival.




The name Fluff ‘n Tuff originated from a project Sara was doing with her brother Arno Kiss. While she was all about drawing cute, fluffy things, he was more into illustrating gore and bloody art which had a very ‘tough’ feel to it. When they started collaborating the name fluff ‘n tuff came to mind. She would take care of the fluff part, while he made a line of products for the tough part of the project. Sometime after Arno wanted to focus more on other illustrative designs, and Sara took over the name Fluff ‘n Tuff, which had gotten a small fanbase by then, and started the webshop.

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