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YouTube, Animations, Vlogging, Web Series, Comedy Sketches, Livestreaming and much more – this is what VidfestUK is all about.

MCM Comic Con Scotland brings you VidFestUK, a celebration of all things online video and social.

The ways that we are entertained and communicate have changed so much in recent years, helping to broaden the reach of video and launching new internet stars. Each event we invite some of the best and unique video and web series creators to VidFestUK.

This September VidfestUK is having it’s next outing to Glasgow and we are working on bringing you a great line up of YouTube creators.

Come along and join VidfestUK in September at MCM Comic Con Scotland.

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TWITTER: Follow @VidFestUK

Come see in September:



Hilly and Hannah Hindi, creators of über popular YouTube channel The Hillywood Show, are to join fellow YouTube stars Tomska and Meg Turney at next month’s MCM Scotland Comic Con.  For a decade now, sisters Hilly and Hannah have been writing, directing and starring in musical parodies of blockbuster movies such as The Lord Of The Rings,Harry Potter and Twilight and popular TV shows likeSupernatural, Doctor Who and The Walking Dead …in fact, their new Sherlock sketch was described as ‘utterly brilliant’ by none other than the hit BBC crime drama’s producer, Sue Vertue!




YouTube superstar, vlogger and cosplayer Meg Turney will be meeting fans at MCM Scotland Comic Con when the pop culture show returns to Glasgow this September.   Having previously hosted shows on SourceFed, Nerdist News and CraveOnline, Meg Turney currently presents Rooster Teeth’s entertainment, gaming and tech news channelThe Know. She also appears in other Rooster Teeth series such as Free Play, Buff Buddiesand hit animation RWBY, where she voices rollerblading Team FNKI member Neon Katt.



tomslaThomas ‘TomSka’ Ridgewell is a perpetual man-child who makes stuff
full-time for YouTube with an audience of over 3.7 millions
subscribers. When he’s not beating an animator with a stick to produce
webtoons such as asdfmovie and Eddsworld he’s flailing around with
guns and pretending to be an action star. Choosing to fight zombies
and dinosaurs instead of learn anything at university, he speaks only
the language of the Internet. May God have mercy on his soul.



andrew lee pottsPrimeval Star ANDREW LEE POTTS joins cast and creators of cult web show WIRELESS at this years Vidfest UK for signings and Q&A’s all 3 days of MCM LONDON COMIC COM. In a world where technology pulls people further apart, what if a computer could learn, could make decisions based on an emotion response? Welcome to the world of Wireless, which sees disgraced police officer Jacob Crow played by Andrew Lee Potts (Primeval, Alice, Band Of Brothers, Stan Lee’s Lucky Man) partnered with a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence known as Unit White Voiced by Lucy Brown (Primeval, The Village). Together Crow and White must navigate a city rife with corruption and criminals all of whom want to get their hands on this cutting edge piece of tech.



greeneyesCaledonia is a Scottish supernatural programme about D.I. Leah Bishop, the only human at Glasgow’s police station run by monsters. She and her bisexual Victorian selkie partner, Dorian Grey, investigate supernatural crime in the city. The show is based on a series of urban fantasy novels by Scottish historian, folklorist, and monster specialist Amy Hoff.



11059709_1126094204089950_5693049875386960050_nAward winning web-series “Cops and Monsters” follows the on-going cases of the Paranormal Investigation Team Scotland as they police vampires, werewolves and zombies in a near-future Scotland. When a dangerous, powerful werewolf known as Lycan A202 goes on a murder spree, tearing apart the supernatural community, it’s down to the Glasgow office, led my Commander Norris Fletcher and his team, to bring the Lycan to justice before the fragile treaty between human and supernaturals breaks completely.


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