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We’re delighted to introduce the talented online creators who’ll be joining us at MCM Scotland Comic Con’s Vidfest zone dedicated to web series, YouTube channels and other online video content. 

First up is MCM favourite and YouTube sensation Tom ‘TomSka‘ Ridgewell, whose comedy and cartoons are enjoyed by over 4.7 million subscribers, and garnering hundreds of millions of views. He’ll also be at the show as the creator of Crash Zoom – a cartoon chronicling the strange adventures of a trio of amateur film-makers – and as the director of Eddsworld, the hugely popular Flash ‘toon created by the late Edd Gould and continued by his friends.

We’d also like to welcome the awesome digital artist Jellie Bee. Jellie Bee is an illustrator who lives by the sea with her two budgies – she is obsessed with ink, writing stories and drawing artwork of her favourite video games.

Check out more info about all these guests over on the Vidfest page.

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