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Scotland Comic Con may only be a fortnight away, but we’ve still got great new guests to announce! Manu Bennett, who plays Slade Wilson/Deathstroke in CW superhero show Arrow, is the latest star to join our Glasgow show’s line-up – and he’ll be meeting fans and signing autographs on both days of the SEC event.

Oliver Queen’s mentor-turned-archenemy, Bennett’s character on Arrow is a former secret service operative and one of the world’s deadliest assassins. Badly wounded in a mortar attack, Slade Wilson’s life is saved when Queen injects him with Mirakuru, a special serum developed by the Japanese in WWII that gives him superhuman powers but also sends him insane.

Working as a mercenary under the nom-de-guerre ‘Deathstroke’, the unfortunate Slade embarks on a campaign of vengeance against his former friend; unleashing an army of Mirakuru soldiers against Starling City. Eventually defeated, Slade is thrown into a maximum security prison – but keeping him behind bars is a whole different issue!

Comic Con fans will also know New Zealand-born Manu as dwarf-hating orc chieftain Azog the Defiler in Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy; tough-as-nails gladiator Crixus in Spartacus: Blood and Sand and its sequels; and the druid Allanon in MTV fantasy drama The Shannara Chronicles.

— This news story is for September 2017’s MCM Scotland Comic Con —

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