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You are never alone in costume at MCM events!

Many people attending the Midlands Comic Con dress as their favourite characters as part of a hobby now commonly referred to as ‘cosplay’. Elves mingle with Ninja from the Hidden Villages and Jedi, making the event full of colour and life. Why not come in a costume from your favourite TV show, film, comic, videogame or anime yourself? Take part and join in the fun! You’re bound to have a great day, meet old acquaintances and make new friends with many of our regular cosplaying attendees.

Midlands Comic Con also features a Cosplay Desk run by friendly and experienced cosplayers, who are on hand to help cosplayers or answer your questions about the hobby, and organise the Cosplay Masquerade.

What is a Cosplay Masquerade?

The term ‘Masquerade’ is used at events to refer to a costume display with strong similarities to a fashion show, with people displaying their costume and posing for the audience. Each event has its own style of Masquerade, and we are proud that ours is held in high regard by cosplayers.

The Masquerade is always a highlight and is usually the last event of the day on the stage. Marvel at the craftsmanship in some amazing handmade costumes, enjoy the short skits and performances, or get on stage and feel the thrill of displaying your hard work to the audience- whether you like dressing up in costume or just want to watch, the Masquerade offers entertainment for all.

At the Midlands Comic Con, the Masquerade is a competitive event with a strong focus on craftsmanship and accuracy. We also have a selection of performances by cosplayers throughout the show. All ages can enter, and costumes from all sources are welcome- films, games, television, comics, anime, bands, and even original designs.

There are a limited number of places for people and groups wanting to take part- advance registrations will open in 2015.
A small number of places are available on the day of the Comic Con, and these will be issued on a first come, first served basis.

Stay in touch!
Want to keep up to date with MCM Cosplay information, or have any questions or requests? Contact us:
Email- cosplay@mcmexpo.net
Facebook- MCM Cosplay
DeviantArt- MCMComicCon

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