Discover how artwork is created for The Beano with artist Nigel Parkinson and colourist Nika Nartova

For two decades, Nigel Parkinson has been the pen behind somenigel parkinson the most famous British comic characters. Having drawn Dennis the Menace, The Bash Street Kids, & Minnie the Minx, he’s also to thank for strips such as Thunderbirds, Grange Hill, Baywatch, and Stingray.

Despite teachers encouraging more accessible careers, he didn’t listen to them. It was hard-going at first but eventually both DC Thomson [the Beano’s publisher] and IPC magazine showed interest. Firstly, he was only required to do “ghost” work – stepping in for established artists when they needed a holiday and imitating their style. But he’d set his sights on The Beano. “I spent 17 years asking The Beano editor for a job and eventually he relented.”


Nika Nartova is a colourist and regular collaborator with Nigel nikaParkinson. Working on colours for Dennis The Menace, Gnasher & Gnipper, and The Beano covers, she grew up in the Soviet Union and didn’t actually read a comic until she was 22.

The two of them will be a presenting a panel where they’ll both talk about working on The Beano, as well as giving a 20-minute demonstration of how create artwork for the comic.

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