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MCM Comic Con

MCM Comic Con events are the UK and Ireland’s and most exciting pop culture shows, and the only UK based shows that bring together such a broad scope of popular culture categories including; Movies, Gaming, Comics, Anime, Television, Gadgets, Clothing and Toys.

We aim to put on the best consumer shows for the modern pop-culture market. Our show floors are packed full of activity from live eSports matches and cosplay celebrations to experiential opportunities inspired by the movies and brand new releases of your favourite games to play.

On top of all that we have the awesome Comic Village area for independent comic artists, VidFest for upcoming YouTube stars, PopAsia to revel in all things Asian inspired and Memorabilia, our collector haven. Our theatres also play host to exclusive screenings and panels of special guests, all whom take part in photograph sessions and signings throughout the weekend.

MCM Comic Con is THE destination event to celebrate all things pop-culture, it is not to be missed by any geek, nerd, cosplayer, or fan boy and girl!

MCM Comic Con shows happen in Telford, Birmingham, Belfast, Manchester, Dublin, Glasgow and London. We also have two partner shows which happen in Stockholm and Malmo.


Purchasing a ticket to MCM Comic Con grants you access to the whole of the show within the times allocated on your ticket. Your ticket includes:

  • Admission to the theatres and panel sessions (subject to age restrictions and seat availability)
  • Admittance to the full show floor and access to almost all planned exhibitor activity
  • Access to opportunities to meet your favourite guests and stars (autographs and photographs do incur additional cost)
  • A packed show guide full of the days schedules, signing times and editorial about what’s happening at the show

Tickets are available to purchase online only at

Tickets become available well in advance of the show. Please do bear in mind that with two Birmingham and two London shows in one year, there will only be one show available to purchase online at any one time in order to prevent confusion.

We recommend you purchase your tickets in advance in order to avoid disappointment. Once all tickets have sold out in advance they will not be available on the door.

All of our tickets are e-tickets and will be sent to you via your chosen email address as a PDF attachment.

Our entry system for the shows all operate on BARCODED tickets. You will need to be able to print your ticket to bring to the show or display it on a compatible phone or tablet display.

Check the junk mail of your email provider first. Still no luck? Send your booking reference number and the name and email address the tickets were booked under to

Priority Entry Tickets purchased in advance mean that you can gain entry up to 2 hours before the general entry time. However please do note that when the doors open you will enter in the order you arrived. Some people do turn up very early to get in line.

Send your booking reference number and the name and email address the tickets were booked under to

Once tickets have sold out in advance they will not be available on the door. This is to make sure we do not go over capacity and to keep you all safe.

Tickets cannot be resold as is stated in the terms and conditions. This is largely to prevent fraudulent reselling of tickets.

Your ticket is registered with your details and in your name and we do perform regular checks on auctioning sites. Any evidence of reselling will result in denied entry to the event.

Panel sessions, talks and screenings within the show floor opening times are all included in the ticket price.

Please do note that any screenings or features that occur outside of the show floor opening times such as screenings in the evening may have an additional cost.

All tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable as is stated on the terms and conditions of your ticket.

The terms and conditions of your ticket include the fact that it is non-transferable and non-refundable so you cannot change the day.

We will refund any photograph session tickets booked for the guest who can no longer attend. Show tickets are non-refundable and, although we are sad you cannot see your favourite star, there is still a lot to enjoy around the show floor.

Special Guests

We note every request sent to us through all of our social media channels and we try our very best to get the guests that you ask for (we want them to come to!). Please do keep in mind that guests have very busy schedules filming all of your favourite films and TV shows so it is quite difficult to guarantee an appearance.

We announce guests as soon as we have official confirmation. Guests can be announced at any point up to the week of the show. Most announcements happen within 3 – 4 weeks of any show.

Guests participate in panel, autograph and photograph sessions. Check in the show guide when it gets published online to find out the places and times of where your favourite guest will be.

All guest appearances are subject to their own working schedules. They may get called back to set earlier than planned or get booked for a film which means they can no longer attend.

Autographs & Photographs

Yes. You will be charged per autograph on each item.

All guests have a selection of 8 x 10 prints available for you to choose from. The price of the autograph includes a print of your choice.

For MCM London October 2018 we are pre-selling Critical Role autographs. These can be purchased in our online store as of noon on Friday 14th. These will not be available for purchase at the event.

We are not pre-selling autographs for any other guests. 

Due to the volume of autographs this is not something we facilitate. 

Autograph prices vary according to each guest. Check our special guest pages here.

Photograph prices vary according to each guest. Check our special guest pages here.

No. Due to the volume of people who want to meet their favourite guest we have to limit signings and photograph sessions to ONLY signings and official photographs.

Photograph tickets are available to purchase online and at the event on the day. For the more popular guests we do recommend you purchase in advance to avoid disappointment.

We aim to have photograph tickets on sale one month before the show.

You can have up to two adults and two children in one photograph with a guest.

Please do bear in mind that you will only receive one print per photograph purchased. Additional prints cost £5.

We do endeavour to make group shots available on the online store.

All photographs are printed in 8″ x 10″

Photographs will be printed on the same day that you have your photograph taken. Timings will be dependent on how busy the photograph session was for each guest.

Please note that if you have a weekend ticket and have photographs taken on the Friday or Saturday you will be able to collect your photographs the next day.

We do not yet have the facilities to send out a digital version of the photograph. We supply an 8″ x 10″ print only.

We always aim to have a non-branded fabric for the background of the photograph. A branded fabric may be used if it is part of a promotion.

Times will be released along with the schedules and the show guide usually a week before the show. Do check back to confirm your photograph session and make sure you are there for the beginning of the scheduled time slot.

We do try and schedule all photograph and autograph sessions for when the doors are open but this is dependent on how busy the show is. You will be processed through the queueing halls as quickly as possible.

MyM is our sister magazine publication, look for the MyM Magazine banner in the air and check in the show guide for signing times.

You will get one free autograph from the guest when you purchase a copy of the MyM magazine. Additional autographs and prints will be charged. Check out our special guest page here for costs.

Guests schedules for the show are very busy and timings are usually quite strict however, do head to the photograph and autograph desk as our staff may be able to organise an alternative session.

Please note that this is not guaranteed and will be subject to the guest’s availability.

Our shows are packed full of great things to do and see which does mean that there might be schedule clashes. Plan your day as you would a festival and prioritise which things you cannot miss. We will of course aim to get you through as fast as possible but bear in mind that there will be people in the same situation as you so we cannot offer priority.

Yes. You will be contacted via email about the refund. Please allow up to 10 working days for your bank to process the refund.

Panels & Theatre Sessions

Panel, screenings and theatre sessions that happen within show opening hours are included in the ticket price. Anything out of hours, such as evening screenings, may incur an additional cost.

The Main and Centre Stages are cleared after every panel, but you are welcome to stay in any of our other theatres for a panel session later in the day.

Some screenings and panels do not allow filming and photographs. You will be told at the beginning of the panel if you are not allowed to film or photograph.

Panels take place in the theatres which, at MCM London Comic Con, are located:

  • Platinum Suite

This is located in the main boulevard of the ExCel. Watch MCMBuzz’s handy walkthrough here

  • Theatre A & B

These are located on the show floor. Check your show guide map for details.

  • PopAsia, VidFest, eSports, Games Dome

These are located within their specific zone on the show floor. Check your show guide map for details.

On the day

Show Floor Hours:

FRIDAY: 10am to 7pm (Last ticket sale and ticket scan 5pm)
SATURDAY: 9am to 7pm (Last ticket scan 5pm, no ticket sales)
SUNDAY: 10am to 5pm (Last ticket sale and ticket scan 4pm)

Last re-entry is 30 minutes before closing!

Yes. We recommend you bring lots of water and you are allowed to bring in your own snacks and sandwiches.

There are lots of options available both inside and outside of the venue. Check on the venue website here.

Check this with the venue here.

Yes, there will be cash points available in the venue and some may incur a small charge. We do recommend you bring cash with you to avoid queues.

Some stalls do take debit/credit cards but not all of them. We do recommend you bring cash with you.

Bring as much cash as your budget allows.

MCM Comic Con exhibitors are not allowed to sell alcohol due to the nature of our audience. Some venue catering may provide alcohol. If you choose to drink please do so responsibly. Any inappropriate behaviour will result in you being asked to leave the event.

Check this with the venue here.

You cannot remove your wristband if you are attending for the full weekend. Your wristband should not break. If it does you will need to prove that you attended the event on the day before in the form of a photograph with your wristband on.

Show Guide

The show guide is a printed glossy booklet filled with the schedules of the event, a floor plan and lots of editorial about the guests and activities planned for your MCM Comic Con. We also make the show guide available digitally at least one week before the show to help you plan your day.

We will share a link for the digital version of the guide about one week before the show. Printed versions will be available at the Info Point on the show floor.

The show guide becomes available digitally at least one week before the show. It is available in print exclusively at the show that you attend.

Our show guide is free to download and free to collect at the show.

Filming and Photographs

Yes. Our events attract a local and national press and it is within the terms and conditions of your attendance that you may be filmed.

Yes. Please do ask permission first from anyone you would like to video or photograph and respect their wishes if they decline.

No. Due to how busy our show is and how popular it is for photographers we do not have the space for any lighting rigging or additional equipment other than your own camera. If you are found using any additional photographic equipment other than your own camera it may result in you being asked to leave the event.  Read the full rules here.


We announce exhibitors on our website and social media channels on the lead up to the show. A full exhibitor directory and floor plan will be released in the show guide which is published online a week before each show.

Exhibitors vary from show to show so we cannot guarantee what exhibitors will be selling. Check back on our website and look out for our show guide for more information.

Find out more information here.


Yes, you can download our full document here

Please do! We have a huge number of attendees who cosplay.

You do not have to attend in cosplay, your geekiest t-shirt or your most comfortable shoes are also very welcome.

Yes, there is space available over at the cosplay desk to leave suitcases.

The cosplay desk can offer assistance for repairs.

Yes! Head over to the cosplay desk for changing areas.

You must not remove your wristband over the weekend.

It must be visible throughout the whole of the weekend so you will have to plan your cosplay accordingly. If your wristband is removed or cannot be seen you will be denied entry into the event.

Venue Information

Check this with the venue here.

Check this with the venue here.

Check this with the venue here.

Check this with the venue here.

Disabled tickets and access

Yes. Please do bear in mind that our events do get very, very busy and the show floor can be difficult to manoeuvre. You can check with the venue for access.

We operate a special assistance system which offers one carer pass and timed entry. You will need to provide appropriate paperwork to qualify. Find out more about the system here.


Press registration opens approximately 6 weeks ahead of the show. You will need to register here

We have a large number of people who apply for press access and appreciate your patience. If you do not receive an email then you have not been successful this time.

You will need to supply proof of your media outlet. Find out more here


Yes! Find out more about stewarding here.


Yes! Please do be aware that our event does get very busy so we do recommend you plan your visit on a Sunday or a Friday.

The ‘Kids go Free’ offer applies to children of age 5 or under during the Priority Entry Only period.

This offer is extended to children of age 10 or under after these times.

Offer is restricted to a maximum of two children per paying adult.

We recommend all children under the age of 12 attend with an adult. Children over the age of 12 can attend at the parent’s discretion. It is a very large event and we cannot accept responsibility of every child.

Travel and Accommodation

MCM Comic  Con recommend the following hotels:

The ExCel has alternative suggestions of hotels close to the venue available here

Check this with the venue here.

Privacy Policy

We recently updated our privacy policy – please take the item to read it here.


Still have a query? Feel free to contact us on the below!

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