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After a brief respite in the historic seaport of Whitby, our intrepid Steampunk explorers return once more to MCM London.

Bringing new and exciting pieces for display, talks and workshops, unusual items for sale and a whole mash up of cogs, gears, sci-fi and Victoriana, this is one place that you will not only want to visit, but potentially call home for the three days of this awesome event.

For those of you not familiar with Steampunk (where have you been?) it is cultural, social and aesthetic movement, that has found its way into fashion, movies, art, books, music and every part of our daily lives.

You will have seen it and potentially not realised it has a name and an ever-growing worldwide group of practitioners, followers and revellers in its retro-futuristic charms.

So, what can you expect under the giant Steampunk Emporium banner? How about a story told in photographs, Victorian Star Wars costumes, a steam powered R2-D2, aerial pirate performances, cooking with GIN, maker talks, the extreme sport of Tea Duelling and even a very rare appearance of the world-renowned maker; Herr Döktor

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