The EuroCosplay Championships are back in 2014! The Championships comprise of a series of qualifying events, held all over Europe. Our EuroCosplay Facebook page. will be showcasing this year’s Finalists as we approach the EuroCosplay Final held at the London MCM Comic Con on Saturday the 25th of October 2014.

Photograph courtesy of Jonathan Cullinane

EuroCosplay seeks to raise the profile of cosplay across Europe and inspire current and future cosplayers to strengthen the cosplay community. This is to be achieved primarily through a high profile and respectable competitive event which allows equal representation from all European countries. An amazing 18 countries took part in the inaugral Championships in 2010, and 2011 kicked things up a further notch with a further 5 countries taking part!

The EuroCosplay Championships are organised by cosplayers and MCM with a strong focus on craftsmanship. Qualifying cosplayers receive free admission to the London MCM Comic Con for the weekend, as well as having their accommodation and travel costs paid. Each Qualifier has the honour of representing their country in an event that is believed to have more countries participating than any other international cosplay event. This is all funded by MCM who run the popular MCM Comic Con and Memorabilia events in the UK.

EuroCosplay selects experienced cosplayers for judges from around the world to ensure solid and impartial judgements; in 2010 we were very pleased to have Goldy from Japan, Jia Jem from the USA, and Yuki from Brazil; 2011 saw Goldy return this time with Pandy from Brazil and Sushi Monster from the USA. The judges talk to all the participants during the weekend and inspect their costumes first hand so that they can properly asses construction and accuracy.

The EuroCosplay Championships Final is held every year at the October London MCM Comic Con.

- in 2014 the date for your calendar is Saturday 25/10/2014.

Buy a ticket to the London MCM Expo to watch it in person or keep an eye on MCM Buzz for a live stream of the Finals.

The EuroCosplay Championships now has almost 30 countries taking part. European events looking to get involved can email us at


The inaugral EuroCosplay Championships in 2010 saw representatives from 18 countries take to the stage- a number which even surprised the organisers! The Finals were extremely well received and the first European Cosplay Champion was declared as Leandro representing Portugal, who cosplayed as Cain Nightroad from Trinity Blood.
Kairi representing Poland placed second cosplaying as Ashura from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles; Fatkraken placed third cosplaying as Rigaldo from Claymore.

2011 stepped up to the challenge set by the high standards of the first Championships and welcomed Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Norway. Taking the title of European Cosplay Champion this time was Xaerael representing England, who cosplayed as the Skeksil Chamberlain from Dark Crystal.
Ronald representing the Netherlands as Brother Petros from Trinity Blood took second place; Estela from Spain placed third as Pocco from Shunya Yamashita‘s Sweet Dreams.

The EuroCosplay Championships Final 2012 is now available to watch online!

A playlist for the EuroCosplay Championships Final 2011 is also available here.

A number of photographers have snapped EuroCosplay pictures!
Nert’s 2012 Gallery
Nert’s 2011 Gallery
Nert’s 2010 Gallery

The awesome Cosplay magazine CosplayGEN reviewed the 2010 EuroCosplay Championships Final

EuroCosplay Championships 2014 Rules

EuroCosplay Partner Event Agreement 2014


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