Thousands of cosplayers attend MCM Comic Cons every year, and there is more than one opportunity for cosplayers to be selected to represent the UK at three different international cosplay contests!

The Clara Cow Cosplay Cup

Debuting with its first Final in 2015, the Clara Cow Cosplay Cup has the aim of being an international cosplay contest prioritising a relaxed atmosphere over prestige. The UK representatives were selected at the MCM London Comic Con in October 2016.

A team of two cosplayers are headed for the Final which takes place at Anime 2017 in the Netherlands on the 9th to the 11th June 2017.


The World Cosplay Summit

The World Cosplay Summit is a long running international cosplay contest which hosted the UK qualifier at MCM London Comic Con for the first time in May 2016!

In 2017 a new team of two cosplayers will be selected at MCM London Comic Con in May 2017.




The EuroCosplay Championships

Our very own EuroCosplay Championships features almost 30 countries from across Europe. The UK representative will be selected on the Saturday at the MCM Manchester Comic Con in July 2017. 




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