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The Imaginarium: Steampunk Sequential Art Trilogy Launched at MCM London Comic Con!

Meticulously crafted by Gary Nicholls, a British photographic sequential artist, comes the first book of his conceptualised neo-gothic fairy story eponymously based on the Victorian fairground attractions of The Imaginarium. ‘The Imaginarium’ tells an intricate, fantastical, dark but ultimately beautiful steampunk story through the unique medium of fine art images. Four years in the making, Nicholls’ creation is so much more than just a book – it’s an adventure through the power of art that simultaneously tells an epic, powerful story readers will be immersed in from page one.

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Rumours abound of spellbinding gadgets that can turn ordinary men into Steampunk Giants. Stainless steel and calico wings that turn mortals, into Winged Angels. Steampunk brass and copper pasties, evil villainy and the Necessitti – a magical, stupendous, leggiadrous object of sheer beauty. . Inspired by a visit to The Lincoln Asylum Steampunk Festival in 2012, Gary Nicholls has created a world of Dickens with gadgets, and oh, the gadgets….Gadgets that can take you to fantasmagorical events, or transport you to a world where the airship is “the only way to travel Dahling!” This is the fantastical story that is book one in The Imaginarium Trilogy and is called Eva’s Story. A costume, a character, a gadget and a convoluted dark tale to confound and entertain the reader. Perhaps ‘hugely complicated and complex’ is a good description, considering the trilogy’s first volume contains thousands of words and over 150 fine art images that have taken years to craft. It’s a rare format for a work of fiction, tied together with a story that Dickens could surely have imagined himself.


With a composite leather cover, high end printing with spot varnished plates this is your opportunity to meet the characters and buy a copy of this unique book. This kind of work has never been produced before in this manner and The Steampunk Emporium area at MCM London is where it is being launched. The two main Characters, Eva and Dr William with Gary Nicholls will be signing the books. Each book is a limited collectors edition with 200 of the 1,000 available sold in pre-order.

Signed, numbered, hologrammed and certified each book is a work of art. With the book 30cm x 30cm weighing 2.5 kilos, containing close to 150 plates, it is an epic tale set in a Steampunk world of wickedness, betrayal, murder and greed, where one lost soul stands out as Eva’s saviour…There is a secret in a box which weaves its way through the entire trilogy. From wickedness, treachery, secrets and murder, the plot twists and turns, each character having their own story that builds into the final sections where all is revealed.


Gary will also be revealing an amazing twist to book 2, due out in 2018, involving a time capsule that has been buried somewhere in the world containing £15,000 worth of art.

Props and costumes from the story will be on exhibition with Limited edition metal prints from Book 1 for sale. There is an opportunity to discuss the project with the makers, who will be there on the stand. There will also be talks about the project throughout the weekend on the Steampunk Emporium Stage.

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Robots and monsters and writers! Oh my! Mark Stay and Kit Cox coming to Comic Village

MarkStayMOBILERobots and monsters will be on the loose at London Comic Con later this month, with sci-fi authors Mark Stay and Kit Cox both meeting fans in the Comic Village area of the show.

The scriptwriter and co-creator of British sci-fi film Robot Overlords, Mark Stay has written the official novelisation of the movie. Published by Gollancz, the young adult novel expands on the story of the film with more edge-of-your-seat action, extra scenes and illustrations, taking the reader deeper into the dystopian world of robot-ruled Britain.

Directed by Jon Wright and starring Sir Ben KitCoxMOBILEKingsley and Gillian Anderson, Robot Overlords is an homage to the action adventure movies of the ’80s. Hitting cinemas earlier this year, the film was selected for the 58th London Film Festival and was the only British independent film in the top ten for the first two weeks of its release.

Our second featured author, Kit Cox, has made the world of steampunk his stomping ground, following up his 2012 book How To Bag a Jabberwock with two children’s and YA novels chronicling the adventures of junior monster hunter Benjamin Gaul in Victorian England – The Monster Hunter and soon-to-be-published sequel, Smoke and Mirrors.


— This news story is for October 2015’s MCM London Comic Con —

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Through out MCM London Comic Con we offer many attractions and we have listed some below, for more information on each area please click the relevant link.

MCM London Comic Con gives you the chance to meet stars from both Big and Small screens along games experts and voice artists.

The MEMORABILIA area in MCM London Comic Con brings together stars of the Big and Small screen from yester year, so take the chance of meeting some!

Offering you the chance to have your photograph taken in a professional photograph studio at the MCM London Comic Con with the stars in attendance, not only that they are printed and returned to you the same day.

Bringing you the best dealers from across the UK, Europe and the world, the chance to buy collectibles, Anime, Trading Card, Manga, DVD’s, Games, Comics, Toys and a whole load more.

PopAsia is an area within MCM London Comic Con. It offers a of a fusion of Asian Cultures, It allows you to take part and experience many cultural aspects including Music, Food, Fashion, Anime & Manga.

MCM London Comic Con and its visitors provide a unique fusion for Comic creators and fans to gather and share in sequential art goodness with those both new and experienced to the medium.

MCM London Comic Comic provides a range of support for Cosplayers, we also hold a Masquerade on stage and more!

Check out the spectacular costumes & performances from these creative pros, and discover who will be heading to Japan & Spain!

The MCM London Comic Con is home to the Main Stage, Centre Stage, Comic Village stage and the MCM Live Stage!

Bringing the past into the future!

Throughout the weekend of MCM London Comic Con many activities take place not only inside the show but outside as well, check it out!


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