Coaching for Geeks is home to a selection of the world’s premier geek coaches – with a character select screen to help you whether you want to level up your career, dating, fitness, D&D skills, confidence, finally write that epic book, or if you want to get good at esports – CfG has got you covered.

Daily blogs on thriving through the geekier side of life, online courses, live reports from conventions around the world, a heaving Facebook group, and the UK’s #1 Games & Hobbies podcast shows that these geeks mean business.

And their business is turning geeks into superheroes.

Their Convention Survival Guide includes info on how to get the most out of a visit to MCM Comic Con, and other ReedPOP events including PAX East and EGX – those hidden gems, the best food, and staying fit and healthy, whether alone, with friends, or with kids.

Not only will the Coaching for Geeks team be reporting back from the show floor with all the news, panels, and cosplay, they’re also taking to the stage twice at MCM London Comic Con – fresh from their MCM Birmingham debut.

The Cosplay Life – Panel

Joining forces with Costume and Play – the UK’s foremost cosplay events management team – CfG is taking a deep dive in to cosplay to find out more and level up its cosplay skills.

From first steps into cosplay, costume creation, inspiration, and the awesome effects it can have on your life, to handling crowds, managing your online brand, and going for a wee when you’re head to toe in custom built armour.

Jess Banks, director of Costume and play will be asking the questions that matter, while Robin Bates from Coaching for Geeks will be asking the questions you really want answering.

With some of the finest cosplayers this country has to offer – this Q&A is not to be missed, whether you’re at the start of your costume career, or an estabished worbla warlord.

One Life Left

You have one life left. No continues. No save points. No amount of coins, rings, or wampa fruit is going to change that.

What will it take to live your life at full pelt? No fear. Doing the things you love.

Robin Bates, founder of Coaching for Geeks has got the keys to your success. He also has a bunch of Doctor Who, Rick and Morty, MCU, and gaming references and promises not to get GLaDOS to flood the room with deadly neurotoxin this time, no matter how well it illustrates a point. Maybe.

Like a TED talk infused with gaming and geek culture – this will stick a rocket under you, so you can live the best, geekiest, life possible, earn more, play more, and stop caring what others think.

And maybe win some Steam Keys and convention swag while you’re at it.

You have one life left. It’s time to make the most of it.

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