It’s no secret that Game of Thrones is slowly taking over our lives. It’s on our clothes, on our mugs, hey it’s even on our pugs. Considering that we are about *this* close to tattooing an image of Jon Snow on the inside of our eyelids, it’s pretty obvious that we are in love with the fact that the world of Westeros is EVERYWHERE.

Game of Thrones contributes to our world more than we see on the surface. The production of the show has a huge influence on the promotion of the British TV and film industry, and with 2.8 million UK viewers it’s becoming clear that Game of Thrones is routing itself firmly in British culture.

You know what else is firmly rooted in British culture? That’s right, STAMPS! You know stamps, square, lick-able, usually featuring the Queen? Well, the Royal Mail have decided it’s time to feature a different queen, a few of them actually, oh and a few kings, and maybe a Direwolf or two… IT’S TIME FOR GAME OF THRONES STAMPS!

We know, we’re freaking out too. The stamp issue celebrates both Game of Thrones contribution to the British TV & film industry and the very considerable number of British and International fans of the series. Yeah, you heard us, this is for you guys! 

From the hardcore enthusiasts to your casual fans, whether you spend your evenings theatrically re-enacting the red wedding or just enjoy watching that week’s episode with a beer in hand, this product range is for everyone. Officially endorsed by HBO and with the stamps personally approved by Game of Thrones actors this bumper stamp issue is EPIC.

The stamps will be available for pre-order on the 3rd January and general sale 23rd January you can grab your own copies here! And if you see someone wondering round with 40 Game of Thrones stamps stuck to their face…. It’s not us.

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