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Fans of small drawn rabbits rejoice as we welcome back Fuuki to the MCM London Comic Con!

Our favourite long eared lapin brought character and clothing galore back in May and we’re SO excited to fall back down the rabbit hole and into a world of adorable apparel with him all over again. 

But where does Fuuki come from? Making home in the Netherlands, Australian born Willem Scholten, spends his time drawing bunnies that reflect his own life experiences and shares them on t-shirts that he screen prints himself.

At MCM London Willem and Fuuki will be bringing an armful of hand-printed t-shirts and sweaters for pop culture party goers to get their paws on as well as Fuuki posters, prints and a burrow of Comic Con themed figures. There’ll also be a new collection of 6 Fuuki’s especially for MCM fans. 

So hop along to stand 4022 and check it out for yourself!

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